‘Wonder Woman’ in digibook, complete series of ‘Alias’ and a doll of Goku in our Hunting Bargains


A week later we went to our appointment with the roundup of the best deals in the world of film and television in our Hunting Bargains. The menu for this week includes, among others, ‘Wonder Woman’ in digibook, and the steelbook of ‘Encounters in the third phase’, the entire series of ‘Alias’ and ‘tiny’, a doll of Goku and shoes ‘Nightmare before Christmas’. Let’s go there!

  • Digibook of ‘Wonder Woman’: in the past week we pointed out the steelbook and this time 22,99 euros of the solo adventure of the superheroine, played by Gal Gadot and today we focus on another different edition to what is customary: 22,99 euros

  • Steelbook of ‘Hannibal’ on blu-ray: the remarkable sequel to the masterful ‘The silence of the lambs’ in a neat edition in metal box at a price that is very stimulating: 6,79 euros (and an additional 10% discount using the code HSTEEL10, valid for many other steelbooks)

  • Pack ‘The Thing’ on blu-ray: the masterpiece of John Carpenter and his remake of america in a pack in high definition ideal for completistas to an unbeatable price: 7,19 euros

  • Steelbook of ‘Encounters of the third kind’ on blu-ray: a wonderful edition with the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Steven Spielberg film, which in addition to a presentation in metal case also includes a second disc with extras: 13,49 €

  • Steelbook of ‘Train to Busan’: not me fascinated me as much as others, but this tape asian zombies was all a bombshell, so he could not miss his edition in metal box for collectors more demanding: 18,96 euros


  • complete Series of ‘Alias’ on dvd: the series that shot the popularida of J. J. Abrams -pity that then not take advantage of the possibilities of Jennifer Garner as an action heroine on the big screen – and that without a doubt it was decisive for that Tom Cruise put in trust in him to direct the third installment of ‘Mission Impossible’: 38,45 euros

  • complete Series of ‘tiny’ on dvd: the legendary series child collected to the full in a pack that is pretty good price: 18,35 eur

  • complete Series ‘Mortadelo y Filemón’ on dvd: the animated series issued by Antena 3 in the nineties is not, by far, the best adaptation of the work of Ibanez, but there are sure to be several nostalgic to those who would like to recover it for you: square 22.49 eur

  • complete Series of ‘V’ in dvd: the emblematic series of the 80s, collected in a single pack at a price that makes a little less than a crime to not have it yet in your collection -unless you’re waiting for its release on blu-ray: 27,29 euro

  • Pack Seasons 1 and 2 of ‘The ministry of time’: the first two seasons of the great series created by the brothers olive Groves. Lately it seems that there is so much talk of it, but currently maintains its high level: 34,99 euros in blu-ray as on dvd


  • Figure of Goku and Shenron: neat figure of son Goku on the back of the legendary dragon Shenron to an irresistible price: 8,21 eur

  • 2 Funko Pops for just 20 euros: Zavvi has launched an interesting offer that allows you to choose two Funko Pops of a selection of 185 different for just 20 euros: 2×20 euros

  • Statue Spider-Gwen: a great statue, scale 1/7 of the popular character from the universe of Spider-Man: 67,79 eur

  • Figure Heisenberg: a care doll based on the alter ego of Walter White, the character played by Bryan Cranston in ‘Breaking Bad’: 32,79 euros

  • running Shoes ‘Nightmare before Christmas’: a great gift for any fan of the legendary film of Henry Selick based on a story by Tim Burton: 6,31 euros

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The news ‘Wonder Woman’ in digibook, complete series of ‘Alias’ and a doll of Goku in our Hunting Bargains was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


‘Wonder Woman’ in digibook, complete series of ‘Alias’ and a doll of Goku in our Hunting Bargains
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October 15, 2017

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