Works like Google Play for that ratings and reviews are more reliable, but needs your help

works like Google Play for that ratings and reviews are more reliable, but it needs your help

The ratings and reviews play a very important role for your product to become a success or to drown. In Google Play will help the user to decide which applications and games to install on their mobile devices, and this has caused that in recent years have been increasing the fake reviews.

For Google Play the user’s trust is a priority for us at Google Play, and after fight against malware, now go for the ratings and reviews handled.

Human and AI working together against the fake reviews

The Google team has seen developers use various methods to manipulate the average rating of an app from attacks of 5 stars to positively improve the assessment of your application up to attacks of 1 star to adversely affect the implementation of the competition.

During this 2018 that we are about to fire, the team of the Google Play Trust & Safety has implemented a system that combines the human intelligence with machine learning to detect and enforce violations in those ratings and fake reviews. A human team formed by engineers and analysts to closely monitor and study the ratings and reviews of suspicious Play in order to improve accuracy of its artificial Intelligence algorithm.

Google Play reminds us of how a review may violate its guidelines for developers:

  • inappropriate Content: comments offensive, hateful, or out of place.
  • Qualifications false: ratings and reviews designed to manipulate the average score of an application or review most important.
  • Qualifications incentivized: ratings and reviews given by people in exchange for money or valuable items.

To demonstrate the great work that has that team of Google Play Trust & Safety the company informs us that in a week they can detect and delete millions of reviews and ratings, and thousands of apps with suspicious activity on your qualifications.

Due to the large volume of work Google ask for help developers and users to curb these bad practices, and so offer in Google Play ratings and reviews reliable, that will allow to really discover the best apps and games of Android.

Google asks developers to…

  • do Not buy qualifications that are false or encouraged.
  • do Not run campaigns, within the application or otherwise, as “give Us 5 stars and we will give this element within the app!!!” That counts as grades incentivized, and is prohibited by the política.
  • Read the Policy of developers of Google Play to make sure that you are not violating any of their cláusas.
Google Play

Google asks users to…

  • does Not accept or receive money or goods (including virtual) in exchange of reviews and ratings.
  • do Not use a offensive language to criticize an app or game. Keep your opinion constructive.
  • do Not publish comments that are incomprehensible, hateful, sexual, destructive, or off-topic; are simply not allowed.
  • Read the political commentary. It is quite concise and talks about all the things that you should consider when publishing a review to the public.

Google reminds us that, as users, we can report manually those ratings that look suspicious or that fail to comply with any of the above points. To do this we only need to mark a comment as “Spam” by clicking on the three dots that appear in the review.

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Works like Google Play for that ratings and reviews are more reliable, but needs your help
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December 17, 2018

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