WP8 Launcher ‘Holo’ inside, ‘Metro’ out

There are few interfaces that appeal both to most users as Holo . True to her own. But it is also true that one of the things that attracts Android is its interface black, blue and white. The combination of these colors is quite elegant and makes the phone somewhat minimalist . One of the interfaces was greatly attracted us Metro , the new interface Windows Phone . His style based on the squares and rectangles make spaces take advantage phone near maximum . And incorporating the colors are quite attractive to view.

Although there appear to be many differences between WP7 Launcher and WP8 Launcher, latter offers more customization options for the size and color of the squares / rectangles . We can choose a larger size for the options that we use, leaving the rest smaller and equally accessible.

Being Android, it is possible to add widgets and combine with interface ‘Metro’ of Windows8. In the screenshot above we see the widgets Alarm Clock Plus and Simple Calendar Widget on the desktop. We may also use a quick access bar or shortcuts to leave more to our liking, instead of just using widgets.

For now, the launcher has the following features :

WP8 style home screen

  • WP8 style Lock screen
  • WP8 application drawer style
  • Ability to add widgets
  • Ability to save and load your preferences
  • Ability to select the style of the lock screen
  • Many icons such as WP8
  • Many of icons such as WP8
  • Ability to change the icons for those stored in the SD
  • Many

  • sources of different colors
  • impractical for now , but I must say that is under Beta yet. We were not surprised to find more errors usually .

    A curious point is the disappearance of the Play Store while writing these lines. I do not know if the developer has withdrawn or Google, but it’s a relief that thread XDA still alive to access the application.

    Download WP8 Launcher (v1.1.4) for direct download

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    WP8 Launcher ‘Holo’ inside, ‘Metro’ out
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