Write faster with one hand using this simple trick

Samsung keyboard s20

The tama&branches;or of the teléaids m’vile is growing, however, our hands do not change its size&branches;or, what causes developers to seek ways to adapt to the user needs, and allow that among many other things, typing with one hand is not a nightmare. And that is not always going to be able to use both hands to hold and write, raz’n más to get to know the different ways to use this feature’n Android.

In mostía terminal of Android, the keyboard installed by default is Gboard, which develops Google in your operating system. Then están cases like EMUI, where you have to download it in the app store of Google, or resort to external sources. Afterés, use the teléfono m’vile with one hand, beá simple, that will allowá do other things at the same time with the free hand.

keyboard s20

C’mo to activate the keypad for a hand-in-Android

The process can be different depending on if you have Android stock, or it is a layer of personalizaci’n, but in the end, the steps are the same. These are not varían, ning&number;n terminal:

  • Start by entering in the settings of the m’vil and search for System.
  • When you first enter the System, select Languages and Introduction to’n text.
  • Tap on-screen Keyboard and choose the keyboard Gboard

With this reachás to the keyboard settings, where you will haveás to select Preferences and Design&bathrooms;or to ace’ to choose the mode to a hand. When you go out and you head to services or apps of the teléfono m’vile that need the keyboard, seeás that this appears in one of the two sides. If by default you already have Gboard, only you will haveás to use the option’n need to the keyboard, and activate it from hereí. The change to remainá in each service of the device, until t&number; same to deactivate it. The steps that you must follow to do so are these:

  • Comes in the wheel Settings you see on the top of the keyboard
  • Click the Preferences
  • Choose a hand and if you want to appear to the right or to the left.

When you have configured the keyboard, you couldás to adapt it for comfort. you have the option’re changing the side to write with a hand, to do this click on the arrow, lateral and central. Alsoén expand it with the bot’n integrating arrows in all directions, to finish, the option’re below allows you to change the position’n on the keyboard.


Write faster with one hand using this simple trick
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