Xbox Scarlett: Discusses the rumors of its two models, Anaconda and Lockhart

Anaconda would reach 12 TF, while Lockhart would offer the same advantages of the ‘ray-tracing’ or the support SSD but with less power and affordable price.

During the next few months and until the official presentations we will see many rumors about the technical features of the new consoles. Windowscentral is a means of credible on issues of Microsoft, and has released details of Xbox Scarlett, who is in reality, as has been commented in the last few months, two models of console: one high-performance in competition with PS5 and other more affordable, for those who do not need the latest advances in resolution.

This medium has received the information by several sources, although he continues to call it a rumor until it is official. plans may change until the start of the actual production of the consoles that would be ready by the end of 2020.

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Anaconda and Lockhart

The article cites sources close to Microsoft that the Anaconda would aim to achieve the 12 TF computer, double that of the current Xbox One X -Xbox One S is in the 1.4 TF-. In contrast, Lockhart would be around 4 TF and is designed for users looking for an alternative to more affordable that will allow to play the upcoming titles. “It is important to note, however, that teraflops don’t really tell everything about the systems of new generation”, it is indicated in the text. The consoles will have their own technologies that are customized for tasks such as the ray-tracing, hence Lockhart, despite being in appearance less powerful than Xbox One X -or PS4-Pro, you would have characteristics that are not possible on the consoles of today.

Both would have eight cores in the CPU, around 3.5 GHZ; Anaconda would have something more for core than Lockhart. Although it seems an increase in small speed with respect to the platforms of the current generation, is new architecture, with improvements in caching and other optimizations that allow for a performance four or five times better than Xbox One X. As to the RAM, Anaconda allows 13 GB for the games and to reserve 3 GB for the operating system of its 16-GB -Xbox One X allows a maximum of 9 GB for the games.

The advantages of the SSD drive

Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 will be highlighting a lot of the advantages of a SSD drive to speed up the loading of games or use of RAM virtual. Anaconda and Lockhart used a technology own NVMe SSD reduces load times to make them almost non-existent. The games today take up to a minute will be just seconds of waiting, and “with the inclusion of Project XCloud on all systems Xbox will allow you to start playing via streaming while you wait for it to download locally. The new generation will focus on the time savings, increase reading speed and graphics pointers that will elevate gaming to a new level.”

Compatibility with other generations

Although many games will be compatible between generations, the ray-tracing, and dynamic reflections would be exclusive of Lockhart and Anaconda, thanks to the new API Game Core OS. Xbox Scarlett will be compatible with all the games of Xbox One, including the retrocompatibles. The games with rates of images per second unlocked and with resolutions dynamic work with improvements in Scarlett, in addition to take advantage of the SSD to load faster -without the need of specific updates-.

“it Is difficult to make direct comparisons between the consoles, Scarlett and the PC components by the lack of knowledge in the optimizations, Microsoft”, recognizes the article. “Plans can change between now and release, but it seems almost certain that Project Scarlett is actually two models, with Anaconda, representing the most powerful model and Lockhart an entry in the features of the new generation of more affordable”.

Xbox Scarlett: Discusses the rumors of its two models, Anaconda and Lockhart

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