Xiaomi already has a date for the presentation in Spain: the 7 of November

Was Xiaomi Espana

Missing 11 days and just over eleven hours to Xiaomi come to Spain. The chinese manufacturer had already announced on social networks for the landing in our country, but now we have a concrete date.

November 7, Xiaomi comes to Spain. At a launch event in Madrid. To do this you have opened a website where we can check in before the 3 November in order to go live..

An event for fans

Xiaomi has always been known for its interest in promote the community of My fans and with its arrival in Spain will not be an exception. For the event presentation, November 7, there are provided a staging already has been opened, the web “Change the game” which inaugurates a new Era Xiaomi. All very ambitious.

As we discussed, is an event for the fans and it is not ruled out that there is a presentation for the press days before the official announcement can be before.

My Fans

The registration for the event is only open to My Fans in Spain, the rest will be able to follow the event via livestream. Participation is limited to 150 people and though it is known that it is in Madrid, the exact location has not yet been sent. Although everything indicates that it would be in the shopping center of La Vaguada, in Madrid, where you will have opened your first store.

customer service of Xiaomi Spain

Another detail is that we already have a customer service address of Xiaomi Spain. The e-mail is [email protected], and its hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 – 21:00h and Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00h.

One more step to become a manufacturer introduced in Spain as the users demand. Will have to see if they finally sell directly or only through official distributors.

Participates in the community Xiaomi Spain

Community Xiaomi Espana

These days are also by activating the forums and the community Spanish, the place where you can comment on the different devices, ask questions, get support, participate in surveys and earn My Community

To participate I recommend you also do so via the application of My Global Community, your Android application fully adapted and will be updated constantly.

My Community - Forum Xiaomi

My Community – Forum Xiaomi2.7.2

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Xiaomi already has a date for the presentation in Spain: the 7 of November
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