Xiaomi and TikTok before the crisis-cov: added real-time information about the epidemic to their apps

The division XiaoAi of Xiaomi has announced that the app shortcut XiaoAi has added a card of ‘Epidemic of pneumonia in real time’, as reported by the medium of communication chinese ITHome.

All mobile phones with the wizard XiaoAi should be able to get real time information with you just say the voice command ‘Epidemic of pneumonia in real time’, according to this source.

The goal is that users can have updated information on their smartphones on the state of the epidemic, coronavirus. One way to help raise awareness of the problem, the causes and possible preventions of this crisis that is affecting the country of origin of the technology giant.

Interestingly, the founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, he studied at Wuhan University, city in china where the authorities say that they have started the outbreak of this disease.

The chinese version of TikTok -called ‘Douyin’- has also launched a dedicated page #FightPneumonia in your application, which provides updates on the progress of the disease, as well as relevant information about prevention, according to the chinese website of business and technology (TMT Post.

The coronavirus that spreads currently in China is a respiratory virus that can infect the lungs and can be confused with a common cold or flu. The first symptoms include fever, cough, and sneezing, but the virus can cause organ failure, pneumonia, and death.

The most dangerous part is that the virus can spread easily from person-to-person by coughing and sneezing. The only way to stop it is to avoid contact with a person who is sick or may be carrying the virus.

In the midst of all this crisis, the demand for face masks trying to prevent contagion, has been fired. Xiaomi has decided to help also by sending to the city of Wuhan medical supplies as surgical masks and thermometers for a total of 300,000 juanes, about 40.000 euros, as reported by in her profile of chinese social network Weibo.

Other companies have also contributed on a voluntary basis, as JD.com that has sent a million of masks for medical and 60,000 in medical supplies to Wuhan, and who has forbid the stores to raise the price of their mask.

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Xiaomi and TikTok before the crisis-cov: added real-time information about the epidemic to their apps
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January 26, 2020

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