Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with LED display and a physical button

My Band 2 Teaser

As we discuss whether it is worth cambiar an old Xiaomi Mi Band My Band 1S by , its evolution with the addition of a heart rate monitor in China are preparing the presentation of his true successor, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 .

The company director, Lei Jun, has walked by a local event with the new smart bracelet and shared a photo that says a lot about their news. All that before making its official announcement, which could come in a couple of weeks with the presentación the Xiaomi Max .

Three changes at a glance

We do not know what leads inside, but how out. This is the Xiaomi Band 2 stands out first by its tiny screen LED , a novelty compared to the previous two models, which only communicate with the user by lighting their small lights in a different order or by vibration.

As can be seen by comparing the two images, given the option to be visible or may hold off to save battery and not lose their discretion. Moving from one state to another should not be to click on your button.

My Band 2 Off

the other big change we have at first is that button that appears across the front panel. has a considerable size in proportion to the screen and highlights in sight thanks to a radial striped effect. It will no longer be necessary to press on the heart rate monitor without knowing if you’re doing well or not.

It also appears that there is a rethinking of the support, bracelet. Which it looks Jun is rubber, as the old, but the sensor is embedded within, inwards rather than stand out as with the two models currently on sale. Therefore, and in the absence of knowing how are the connectors, everything suggests that the collection of bracelet you have at home will not serve too much for the future.

A time for the new version of My Fit

My Fit 2

coincidence that Xiaomi will launch My Band 2 just days after the official application, My Fit, has received its first major update. This versión 2.0 app redistributes the information from a completely new design in which the statistics are presented in a more colorful way.

But with today’s bracelets had not appreciated that new features have chivasen the arrival of the second model. We know that the My Band 2 will serve as a digital clock and it is easy to predict that on that screen will be able to consult the pulsations, accumulated or remaining steps and all kinds of measurements that we know is capable of.

The questions are what will have functional added on the My Band H1. . Although probably remain resolved on Tuesday May 10 at the event to be held in China

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Xiaomi Mi Band 2 with LED display and a physical button
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