XiaoMi Tool V2: a tool ‘all-in-one to customize in-depth your Xiaomi

XiaoMi Tool V2: a tool 'all-in-one to customize in-depth your Xiaomi

smartphones from Xiaomi (except those sold with Android One), they come from the hand of MIUI, the personalization layer (or fork, to be more precise), which have been endowed with. Usually, if we buy these devices in Spain, come with your ROM Global, which is designed to work properly outside of China. However, the aggressive pricing of Xiaomi in China make it logical to consider its import, through which we will get a Xiaomi with a ROM in perfect chinese.

If we want to change this ROM by the Global, the famous Xiaomi.eu or simply, customize the most of our Xiaomi, we no longer have to download the tool that you are going to talk about today. This is the classic tool all in one through which we can perform multiple processes with only a couple of clicks, so it’s worth taking a look.

My Tool V2

Xiaomi Mi Tool V2

My Tool V2 is a program developed by developer independent of Xiaomi, so the tool is not official. Also add that, at the time we make a change deep system (like unlocking the bootloader), you lose the warranty (unless we manage to re-close it), something that should be taken into account. That being said, we proceed to see what it has to offer. The tool works globally, so that we can choose between several regions: Europe, India, China and Russia. In our case, we selected Europe, and we move on to the next screen.

For the moment, it is not possible to desbrickear a phone with this tool. However, the rest of functions are to perfection (in our tests)

Here, important, will show us two options. The first is the one that we choose, the my Device works normally, I wan’t to mod it. Why? Because of the simple fact that the second option, the desbrickear a device that does not work, at the moment, is not active, although the developer promises to work on it.

once you have selected the first option, we need to connect our mobile. To be able to work well with him, it is necessary for it to be active the USB debugging, which is located in the settings development. To access these, we’re going to settings > information on the phone > version of MIUI and press seven times on this last. Within the settings developer will find the option of USB debugging, activate it.

Choices for my tool These are the options that you have with the program.

you Selected this option, we do not connect the telephone cable to the computer, and start browsing among the sea of options that gives us. The main menu lets us see four options.

  • Install ROM from official Xiaomi
  • Install a custom ROM
  • Modify, root, twrp, etc
  • Unlock bootloader

In our case, we have unlocked the bootloader of a Xiaomi Mi 9T with this tool, and we have installed TWRP Recovery thanks to the same. The strong point of the service is that it seeks for itself the files that you must install (though sometimes it is convenient to look for them us and introduce them, because not all files are updated) so if you don’t know where to find them, no problem.

while this tool is in Alpha phase, it takes quite some time to work, and after our tests, we can ensure that, in our case, it has worked more than well. Basically, what it does is connect the phone via fastboot to your computer, and send the files from the same. In other words, it saves us to be opening up the command console by ourselves to carry out the process at hand.

Download | XiaoMiTool V2

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XiaoMi Tool V2: a tool ‘all-in-one to customize in-depth your Xiaomi
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September 22, 2019

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