Yahoo Mail is completely renewed, now with 1,000 GB storage and new app


left;”> Years pass, and Yahoo turns 16 years with his mail , and to celebrate it wants to share with all the world with a total enovación r full of its Mail service along the lines of design or redesign that lead rather adopted in recent months, one could say that since the entry of Marissa Meyer Yahoo ranks, and he’s sitting certainly great. The redesign is not only in the web version, also the apps, specifically android also get this facelift.

For starters, finally entered the threads in conversations, is now an email is grouped with the responses of the other creating a chain of conversation, definitely something that is key today and it really was missing in Yahoo Mail


Search has been improved , no option to be a customer of Mail Plus premium (ie, the same but without ads), Disposable Email Addresses Improved filters with a single click actions to delete emails, automatic resends and if that was not enough, 1,000 GB of storage, ie 1 TB whole for your emails and attachments . Of course, we can apply themes to Yahoo Mail web design with custom backgrounds that synchronize with your device. And along with this, of course visual and aesthetic renewal of all mail, having now a much cleaner interface, clear, minimalist and focused on the content.

For the moment this update is only available in the U.S., Canada, UK, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa. but in the coming days is expected to be available in more countries. We hope the wait is not long and can be made to taste this revamped interface and functions of Yahoo Mail, which will undoubtedly look great, although Gmail because Google’s not all right?

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Yahoo Mail is completely renewed, now with 1,000 GB storage and new app
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October 8, 2013

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