Yes, OnePlus 2 does have optical image stabilization in the camera

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Last night appeared on several websites a video in which he allegedly showed that the OnePlus 2 could not have optical image stabilization (OIS) in your camera . One feature that was announced with the terminal but some questioned whether he was integrated or not in the device.

In the video you can see a comparative video between this smartphone and the Samsung Galaxy S6 where the author wants us to understand that the OnePlus not have OIS. Do you have optical image stabilizer OnePlus 2? Yes, but it is also true that their performance is not as intensive as in the S6 or G4 href=””> which also has this component


The controversial video

The easiest way to find out for sure this issue is to check el 2 iFixit guys did . In the image below these lines you will see on the left the camera on this phone; right, the pair of cameras OnePlus One. Do you see that under the sensor chip? That’s what brings image stabilization and is a very quick way to tell if a smartphone has OIS or not.


Why then OnePlus two videos are less stabilized? For OIS restarts more times as the range of motion you have in the chamber is lower than in leading the Galaxy S6 or LG G4. In fact, it happens a bit like the Nexus 5 also has OIS but not as good as other terminals in 2013.

Does this mean that the optical image stabilizer OnePlus 2 is worse? Not exactly, just that phones with less range of motion in the camera benefit more from the optical image stabilization when doing digital zoom to expand. Could it work better? Yes.

Probably the OnePlus 2 Clear the optical image stabilization when recording video, something that other manufacturers do to prevent image effects make rare (el iPhone 6 Plus makes for example) and apply only in digital form, something that usually happens in the phones with Qualcomm processors.

There are many things that they can criticize OnePlus (as logistical) disorder but I am surprised that people criticize and question the existence of an element by a mere video recording when a terminal is cutting out very quick questions . Now you know, has optical image stabilization but probably use in video is limited

News Yes, the OnePlus 2 does have optical image stabilizer in the camera was originally published in Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

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Yes, OnePlus 2 does have optical image stabilization in the camera
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September 15, 2015

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