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Ntv Bear There once children who stared at the TV screen could not take his eyes of the adventures that lived a cartoon. There are a number of mythical characters, antopomorfos animals and who can speak, that have made us spend the most delicious moments with them. One of the most memorable is that today we will review our Nostalgia TV, ‘ Yogi Bear


Produced by Hanna-Barbera

“The Huckleberry Hound Show” was a favorite of all families. It began airing on NBC in 1958 and was the second program that the Hanna-Barbera studio made for television. For amusement of spectators, he encompassed three fantastic animated series. One of them was called ‘Yogi Bear’.

After the second season, the producers realized that Yogi was more famous than the protagonist himself of the show as well they decided to give the opportunity to have their own space. In 1961 he debuted “The Yogi Bear Show ‘. From there, Yogi fame grew over the years into one of the most iconic pictures of Hanna-Barbera, often being an integrated character, appearing next to other inhabitants of the universe of study.

A cheeky bear

Yogi’s success is due, among other things, to the irresistible personality of this bear that only lives and breathes for steal baskets visitors of Jellystone Park and to eat the rich food of those who expected to spend a great day among nature. His other great passion is to escape the park and travel to the city, where you can walk among the people and be one of them. Hoodwinked Bear 4 Yogi’s personality was reinforced by peculiar way of talking and moving that just make it a theatrical possibilities and full of humorous character. He spoke forcing the most impossible and fun rhymes and walked in a very characteristic manner. Many say that the ways of Yogi are inspired by the character played by Art Carney in the comedy ‘The Honeymooners’.

The crazy universe

Along with Yogi appeared many characters. One of the most important was, of course, his friend BuBu. BuBu and Yogi functioned as yin and yang. Where Yogi was impulsive and crazy head, BuBu showed calm and prudent. When Yogi lost his head for the basket of a tourist, BuBu was the faithful companion helping you to carry out all his plans.

On the other hand, we can not forget the Ranger John Francis Smith . It was responsible for the park and the highest authority on Yogi, with whom he had serious problems. Yogi do respect the rules of the park was simply impossible, so the poor Rangers ended up being one of those so popular antagonists in cartoons, losers also empathize with.

Yogi legendary

Yogi Bear L95 Hanna-Barbera produced a wonderful world television in which ‘Yogi Bear’ had a special role. It was one of those tricksters who can handle the vocabulary to get everything they want. At the same time, he lived in a curious setting: a park that they were tourists to enjoy the scenery. That attachment to a again but space, time, as recognizable , had much merit.

The fame has led to star Yogi to ten programs of TV different, some as individuals and ‘Galaxy Goof-Ups’, in which the mythical bear traveling into space with other friends. But not only it has been on the small screen. Has traveled to cinema, has been featured in comic books and video games … And we are still waiting for their next reinvention.

Details: ‘Yogi Bear’


  • Original Title : “The Yogi Bear Show”
  • Gender Animation
  • Original string : Chains syndicated USA (1961-1988)
  • Chain in Spain : TVE
  • DVD availability : Some chapters

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‘Yogi Bear’, Nostalgia TV
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August 30, 2015

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