‘You are my movie’: the documentary of Padial and Wismichu on the fame holds more bitterness than expected

'You are my movie': the documentary of Padial and Wismichu on the fame holds more bitterness than expected

From the moment in which it was made public ‘Bocadillo’it was not “just” a movie-joke directed by the youtuber Wismichu and premiered at the Sitges festival in the middle of a big scandal, but the real project was a documentary directed by Carlo Padial, it was clear that what we would receive would not be a making of the use. In fact, and although it is clear that the film Padial is an assignment, the result has more to do with films such as ‘My crazy Erasmus’ with a typical video on youtube of Wismichu. The somersault without a net because its umpteenth cabriola.

‘You are my movie’ is born not as a reaction to the impact of ‘Sandwich’ (as it holds some critical scatterbrained), but rather as the authentic product. Although Padial and his team do not go on the screen at any time (except Carlos de Diego, co-writer along with Padial and Wismichu), its presence in the shade is there, from start to take shape ‘You are my movie’, convened possibly by the producer Luis de Val. But Padial does something more interesting than simply documenting a monumental trolling the media and the public itself of Wismichu.

by Just looking at the creative process behind ‘Sandwich’, that is born as a joke that out of mother, Padial reflects on fame and success without underlines or fall in the well of discourse or complacent. The director likes that the object of his film, a youtuber of extraordinary success, almost incomprehensible -although Padial does well not to judge whether this success is deserved or not, because it believes, with justice, that that is the least interesting part of the story – a person is a normal overwhelming, almost banal.

that way, Padial is still a ball of snow to which the own youtuber and their friends are in attendance awestruck. The little announce, ‘Sandwich’, multi-media and distributors (some of them come with identities and voices disguised, possibly by shame bullfighter) throw on someone whose only resume is to have millions of subscribers, that is to say, followers (and consumers) in power. Without any artifice (because it does not lack for that, unfortunately, these attitudes and behaviors are absolutely credible), Padial disassembles the sissies foundation on which rests the entertainment industry. That includes the fans, of course.

fans are outraged they are without doubt the most fascinating of the film: a mass of kids are honestly dedicated to their idol that they feel betrayed by the scam of ‘Sandwich’, as many as the upstarts of the latest fashion is created through the following website wanting to cry “you knew me” that is the bread our of every day on social networks. Is the negative reaction of some and the others which makes it crumble to a Wismichu that Padial is unable to contemplate without a certain unavoidable irony. The strange humor of kids asking for autographs for a Wismichu wrecked post-Sitges (and that still gives them his best smile) is a good symbol of the bitter contradictions that nest in the film.

‘You are my movie’: Wildlife padialera

Padial rounds off the proposal with a few details in the form of characters that will be deeply disconcerting for the fan of Wismichu not know the film director of the ‘Workshop Capuchoc’ or ‘Something very big’, but which are a clear part of his universe. On the one hand, the journalist Xavi Sanchez telling the tactic to the elevator to assail famous in Sitges, and on the other, Carlos de Diego, co-writer, giving life to a fan who explains perfectly the sobreestímulo of nothing, that assumes, in many cases, the culture created through the following website: to follow someone simply because he spends hours talking and company.

The result is a mishmash less eccentric than other films of Padial, since then, lacking the hysteria of low intensity that nests in films such as ‘Something very big’, but continues with the observation of a very today, with worries and concerns, inconceivable only a few years. Details such as the silent contemplation of the construction of the set from which records Wismichu, or the employment of WhatsApp messages, and social networks to locate a story that is born already artificial and precast perceived the good work as the narrator of Padial, able to raise the evolution of Wismichu as if it were the character in one of his movies.

there Will be those who see in ‘You are my movie’ a vehicle for the ego of Wismichu, or a autoexculpación that no one has asked, but what’s really interesting is how Padial notes to the margins of the circus, where resides the true message of the documentary: the attitudes of those around a famous that, in the strict sense, there is no-one in particular -and again it is good to remember that Padial does not seem neither bad nor good-; the design without the effort of a media sensation very simple which allows remote control in one sense or another; and the instability of the throne, fame and success for anyone who is not prepared to digest it in all its magnitude.


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‘You are my movie’: the documentary of Padial and Wismichu on the fame holds more bitterness than expected
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March 16, 2019