You can activate dark mode in Whatsapp on any mobile phone

You can activate dark mode in Whatsapp on any mobile phoneIt was one of the main innovations that I was going to present WhatsApp after the summer of 2019, but not yet in operation: the dark mode. But now, we can fast forward to this premiere with a trick, as it reveals Spanish.The key is to have a ROOT access to manipulate the code of the application. For this purpose, we use an application that creates a virtual machine that is running other Android in our Android. It’s called VMOS and creates a safe environment that allows us to carry out actions without putting at risk the phone. Thanks to it, we can activate the ROOT with the press of a button.The procedure is the following:we Install the application VMOS. Download the Apk of WA Tweaker from their website and installed it. We make sure that you have the latest beta version of WhatsApp available. We open VMOS and when you start up, click on the icon of the yellow folder. There you will see the list of installed applications in the phone, Click on ‘WhatsApp’ and ‘WA Tweaker’. Then click on ‘Import’ at the bottom of the screen. Both of these applications are imported to the Android virtualized VMOS.In the settings of VMOS and enter ‘System Setting’, in such a way that we will get to the Android settings. Go down to ‘phone Information’. Click ten times on ‘build Number’. once you have activated the developer options, enter them and seek the options of ‘root’. Activate them and it will be VMOS ‘rooted’.The next step is to register the WhatsApp of VMOS with your phone number. This step is not 100% sure, but in principle there is no risk of being blocked because the application is original. After we opened WA Tweaker and click on ‘Activate dark mode’. Open WhatsApp and we would have the button in the dark theme. If it does not appear, close WhatsApp, we put the airplane mode and activate the dark mode of WA Tweaker, we open again WhatsApp, and remove the airplane mode. Repeat until it comes out, because it sometimes does not occur to the first.The drawback of this method is that you run an Android into another Android consumes a lot of resources, so that the battery will drain quickly.

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