You know Dandroid? The original (and disturbing) Android snowman


Now Android is the most popular mobile system in the world, worse back in 2007, it had not yet been presented publicly.

that original team was working tirelessly Android for official presentation to be held on November 5, and a week after should make submitting your SDK .

Dandroid, Android’s first pet was terrifying

So Andy, the Android mascot did not exist, as the system as we know it today.

Dan Morrill at the time was engaged in a related system development work, but for a much needed break from work Dan decided to open Inkscape and started to create these things.

Later came the first concepts for pet Android , with Andy finally chosen created by designer Irina Blok, but for a time, these monstrosities were the first and only pet for Android, known as Dandroid .

No doubt are terrifying, but they are a piece of history.

 dandroids  green  red

How curiosity, now, many years later, it has been reported that appears Dandroid on the Easter Egg Android L all icons between versions.


I personally did not show me How you?

Source Google+ | Androidworld

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You know Dandroid? The original (and disturbing) Android snowman
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July 7, 2014

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