You will slow Chrome on Android? CAF Chromium Browser Test: a very attractive alternative


Chrome is a popular web browser on Android but like the computer version has a few bugs and performance optimization. During most of the time works well and only in those moments where it starts to malfunction he does get us mad. Like everything that Chrome offers but you are not happy with your performance? Then the tool that I teach today you’ll like it.

CAF Chromium Browser (Code Aura Forum) is a modified version of Google Chromium browser. Its main change is found in the creation of a custom kernel that works best on devices with Qualcomm processors. Therefore, if you have a phone with Snapdragon (no matter version) according to its creators you will notice a big difference in performance. Wait, because in addition to this change lies in optimizing other news

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The good thing about Chrome optimized for Qualcomm

The team has caught CAF everything good base of Chromium. That is, connection to Google Accounts, Bookmarks, and application design. All that remains intact. As new feature a couple of functions which by default are not built into the browser Google: A night mode and adblock to block ads on websites

The first is a tool. Some other browsers probably know this: CAF adjusts the display so that reading in dim light will not be so annoying. Here we must recognize that they have not greatly complicated because when this option is enabled browser reverses the colors of the page and now. There is nothing such as Live Display ago with Cyanogen ROMs.

To block ads on pages technology used is that of WebRefiner (created by CAF). The incorporation is there but there is no way, at least for now, to manage such lists and get to a page we like in the white list to see ads there. I imagine that in the future will introduce you with an update.

Is there a real improvement in performance in the browser? It is difficult to come to that conclusion only after testing the application in two Android devices (Snapdragon 801 and 810). In my experience yes I’ve noticed that some loading times are very heavy pages faster. Maybe in other terminals (remember that is optimized for Android with Qualcomm browser) consigáis not the same results. As you have objective reference Octane results: son much better than Chrome.

For the time I will give him a chance. As a regular user of Chrome all synchronization appreciate having my account (tabs, passwords …) because it makes me spend less time setting up everything to my liking. Also it takes great with Chromer and custom tabs of Google. If you want to download it, you will find the latest APK on their official website

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