Your mobile phone can become a spy camera with the application of Edward Snowden


  • Haven, the name that receives the app, uses the sensors of the phone, as the microphone or detector of light and movement, to monitor the room.
  • If it detects abnormalities, it will send to the terminal to indicate photos and videos of what is happening at the moment.
  • available in the Play Store in beta version.


Edward Snowden has been this time working on a new open source application for Android converts your phone into a spy camera video surveillance.

According to the portal The Intercept, Haven —the name that receives the app— uses the sensors of the phone, such as the microphone, motion detector, light and cameras, to monitor the room in which you leave the terminal. What the goal? Scour the room looking for changes and anomalies. If found, it will begin to record everything and send it to the mobile that you have next to you in that moment. So, you can know who has entered your room, what time and with what objective.

Imagine that you want to protect something personal, something material, something practical or maybe even yourself. Haven is something more, it gives you peace of mind,” says Snowden in the promotional video of the project.

But how does it work really? The practical example that put is the following. If you have a safe deposit box, it is sufficient to place the terminal chosen over her. In the case that the light detector of the phone detects changes in the lighting, Haven will be activated. The microphone will start recording (for example, the sound of the safe opening), and its accelerometer will detect the movement, such as an intruder removing the valuables from the safe.

The first beta version is available on Play Store and F-Droid for free, although for that to work it is necessary to download the app Signal.


Your mobile phone can become a spy camera with the application of Edward Snowden
Source: english  
December 22, 2017

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