YouTube already has its own beta version in Google Play

YouTube now has its own beta version in Google Play

There are few applications that have a beta versions in Google Play. These versions are used by developers for users to be able to test new features before they are released in the stable version for, of course, receive bug reports and fix them from the face of the final version. YouTube, service Google videos, do not want to be less, and also has released his own.

to access this new version doesn’t just search YouTube Beta in Google Play. The first thing you should do is to access this link and sign up as a tester in with your Google account. Wait a couple of minutes, and you will see how you receive an update of YouTube with the new version of test. If this is not the case, just look for “YouTube” in Google Play (or click the link provided by the previous web).

Tester Youtube to be able To download the beta version of YouTube you’ll need to sign up before, don’t just go to Google Play to download it.

you Must bear in mind that this version receives test functions, which are, precisely, of test. What does that mean? That the app can be somewhat unstable, have closures, forced or not work at all well. Use it only if you are aware of these potential problems and are willing to deal with them.

If, for whatever reason, notes that the application is too poor and you want to get out of the beta program, the only thing you have to do is go back to the same page that you used to register and click on “Exit program”. Again, I hope a couple of minutes, uninstall the application from your mobile and again install it from Google Play. Important to note that you can’t have the two applications installed at the same time.

We have installed the beta version and we have not found any change to be noted with respect to the stable version, so that it is possible that the new features arriving over the next few months. What is not known is whether it will be through updates to server side or the APK itself.

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YouTube already has its own beta version in Google Play
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