YouTube changes mind: will allow the ‘creators’ to make money with content on the coronavirus

The platform videos are most popular in the world gave some days ago a step to the front to combat the misinformation: desmonetizaría all those videos that mention the coronavirus, that is to say, it would not allow content creators to make a profit in the wake of the thirst of information of the citizenship, worried about the global pandemic.

however, it seems that YouTube is reassessing its policy of ‘ “de-monetization” automatic’, marked by the declaration of the platform of the new coronavirus as ‘event-sensitive’.

In the words of the executive director of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki: “In the next few days, enable ads for content to talk about the coronavirus in a limited number of channels, including creators that are certified with precision and a variety of partners involved with the news”.

Added that they are preparing their policies and application processes “to expand the monetization to more creators and news organizations in the coming weeks.”

To be declared as ‘event-sensitive’, YouTube defines the COVID-19 as a recent event with a “an unexpected event in which there has been a loss of lives, usually as a result of a malicious attack pre-planned”. In these videos, the platform does not support advertising -yes stay, as they do not violate the content guidelines-.

According to the international environment The Verge, the content creators have done a certain amount of pressure so that YouTube will change your mind.

Wojcicki also addressed the dissemination of fake news on the coronavirus on YouTube, stating that the company is “working hard” to combat the spread of videos harmful: “You will continue to pass quickly videos that violate our policies,” said the executive director.

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YouTube changes mind: will allow the ‘creators’ to make money with content on the coronavirus
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March 16, 2020

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