YouTube co-founder of MixBit comes to Android for remixing videos

From the co-founders of YouTube, Steve Chen and Andrew Hurley, comes to Android to remix video application called MixBit .

MixBit for Android allows users to create their own video clips of 16 seconds and share them with other users. or Instagram, but through its web , users can add and remix videos made by other users and create videos up to one hour .

In October 2006, Steve Chen and Andrew Hurley sold YouTube to Google for a staggering U.S. $ 1.65 billion . Two computer geniuses who created one of the most popular services and used network and has been integrated into our lives as normal.

MixBit now have appeared, trying to reenter social space of the video as they did in their day, arriving just in time after Instagram offers video clips and take still came a little more time creating video clips even shorter duration. Although I must say neither have received massive acceptance by the general public.

MixBit has a significant online component, but power service focuses on mobile devices . Making videos with MixBit is very easy, with just take the camera and record a mini clip, and then create another and then edit them to create a final.

 Bitr From the co-founders of YouTube comes to Android MixBit to remix videos

What’s new co-founder of YouTube hits Android

After the video was made can be shared with Facebook, Twitter or upload directly to the website of MixBit. The big difference to the other two platforms mentioned is that you can get to create videos that last up to an hour.

Besides, you can take videos of other users from Web MixBit , and then remix them to create another video. You can save individual user to the library, where you can deploy to create another video.

unique social mechanisms that have MixBit is tagging, location and remix. No tags search and are not linked together. No functionality “follow”, nor any way to identify the author of a video. Nor will find something like “like”, comment or retweet.

MixBit currently only has one day to live on Android , so you can go and download from the widget to and then start using the new application from the creators of YouTube, there is nothing.

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YouTube co-founder of MixBit comes to Android for remixing videos
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October 3, 2013

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