YouTube for Android: cheat to advance and rewind 10 seconds of the video


One of the things that is most missing in the application of YouTube for Android was a shortcut for forward, and rewind the video 10 seconds as if you allow the web version. Until now if we wanted to fast-forward or rewind a video we had to do it by moving the cursor of the playback bar, and in videos very long it was very difficult to move forward or backward at the exact second.

I Speak in the past tense because YouTube for Android finally allows us to forward and rewind 10 seconds videos with its new version with its upgrade to the version 11.47 since a few days has started to get phased all over the world.

Forward and rewind 10 seconds with YouTube for Android

forward, and rewind a video in segments of 10 seconds is as simple as making a double quick press on the sides of the video. On the left side, the video rewinds 10 seconds and on the right side, it advances 10 seconds. We can make as many beats double in a row to move forward or rewind to the desired time. For example, if we make three beats double in the video will advance or rewind 30 seconds.

Download YouTube 11.47

This new shortcut is available from the version 11.47 YouTube. If you do not yet have the update you can manually update from APK Mirror.


once you have updated YouTube to the new version you’ll have to go to the settings of your device and in Applications > YouTube > Archive will Delete data to activate this new shortcut of playback.

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YouTube for Android: cheat to advance and rewind 10 seconds of the video
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