YouTube Signature Devices: these are officially the best mobile to watch YouTube


During the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 we saw the announcement of the new seal, YouTube Signature Devices, that from now on YouTube will select the best mobile to reproduce the contents of its website, being the Galaxy Note 9 one of them.

The team of YouTube has worked with manufacturers to certify that devices comply with the performance requirements to provide the user with the best experience to view YouTube. Only 18 mobile have got the new seal YouTube Signature Device.

Features of the program YouTube Signature Devices

YouTube is taking into account six key points to certify a mobile device with the new seal of quality YouTube Signature Devices. The requirements are the following:

  • HDR: compatibility with videos in HDR (High Dynamic Range, high dynamic range), to provide better contrasts, colors and more details.
  • Videos in 360°: compatibility with videos, 360-degrees so fashionable has been with the viewers of augmented reality.
  • Decoding 4K: Although not all devices come with screens 4K, the compatibility with the decoding 4K ensures that the device can play the video in its highest definition of a fluid.
  • Frames per second high: The device has to be able to play videos at over 60 frames per second to be able to play the videos in a way extremely fluid.
  • Codecs of the next generation: The devices have to support the hardware decoding VP9 Profile 2, an advanced technology of video codec that allows you to view high definition videos using less bandwidth.
  • Performance of the DRM: The device has to be able to play fluently and without interruptions of any video protected by copyright, such as movie rental or in the new series of YouTube TV.

The 18 best mobile to watch YouTube, for the moment

then we leave you with the full selection of 18 mobile which according to YouTube are the best to view your videos, series and movies. This selection will be expanded with the arrival of new mobile.

screen SizeResolutionrelease Date
Samsung Galaxy Note 96,4″1440pAug 2018
Sony Xperia XZ2-Premium5,8″4kJul 2018
HTC U12+6,1″1440pMay 2018
OnePlus 66,3″1080pMay 2018
Xiaomi Mi 86,2″1080pMay 2018
Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact5,0″1080pApr 2018
Sony Xperia XZ25.7 inch1080pApr 2018
Nokia 8 Sirocco5.5″1440pApr 2018
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S6,0″1080pMar 2018
Samsung Galaxy S95,8″1440pMar 2018
Samsung Galaxy S9+6,2″1440pMar 2018
Pixel 25″1080pOct 2017
Pixel 2 XL6″1440pOct 2017
the Huawei Mate 10 Pro6,0″1080pOct 2017
Samsung Galaxy Note 86,3″1440pSep 2017
LG V306″1440pAug 2017
Samsung Galaxy S85,8″1440pApr 2017
Samsung Galaxy S8+6,2″1440pApr 2017

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YouTube Signature Devices: these are officially the best mobile to watch YouTube
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August 9, 2018

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