Yuka, MyRealFood, Lifesum or Noodle: apps to start the year eating healthy

Have been popularized a lot in recent times and have grown as the foam. The applications to eat in a more healthy you guide about the nutritional value of the products through the barcode scanning and you propose routines and recipes to improve your eating habits.new Year, new habits. Isn’t it? If you are one of those that each month of January, proposes a change for the better in your life, you’ve gone to the right place. Today we offer four apps free to iOS and Android with your relationship with the food give a rotation of 180 degrees, helping you to eat much more healthy.Has caused such a furor that it already has more than 10 million users. Yuka, the app number 1 in the category ‘Health & fitness’ App Store, it is a service that scan barcode of the products that we consume, and informs you of your nutritional value, and its health impact. In addition, not only gives you information on food, you can also check your cosmetics.When you scan a food the app gives you back a detailed report with the negatives -additives, sugars, saturated fats,… – and positive -fiber, protein…- which contains and makes a balance of the same, giving you a final score. When the result is negative, the app offers you and similar products and more beneficial to health as alternative.In the case of cosmetics and hygiene products, the evaluation is made on the composition of the product.This app, which has already triumphed in Belgium and France, is sweeping in Spain. Already have more than a million of registered products -700.000 food and 300,000 cosmetics-, and each of them is evaluated according to three criteria: nutritional quality, presence of additives and biologically.Remember that, in order to perform the scanning of products, the application should have access to your camera. Once scanned, Yuka store your products in a history so that you have quick access to them and can identify their impact on health, through a color code simple –green good or excellent, orange for mediocre, and red bad-.And something that we love, furthermore, is that you do not have to register to be able to enjoy the services free. Yes, the app has a paid version that features a search bar, a mode offline and a unlimited history as additional functions.It is also one of the most popular apps, in fact it is the second in the App Store, thanks to the movement that is behind it: ‘Realfooding’, powered by influencer more important nutrition in Spain, Charles River, which has nearly two million followers across all of its social networking.MyRealFood keeps the soul of the movement very much alive and immerses you in the community ‘Realfooding’, where you can share your concerns, your recipes and even your sorrows with the rest of the users.The app has a specific section for recipes from different categories and, as in the previous case, the option to scan products in order to assess its nutritional contribution. You can also search for food within your database to know until the last atom that integrates. And in all cases there is healthy alternatives -even when the product that the query is also-.When you scan or are looking for something, the app tells you if it is ‘real food’, ‘good processing’ or ‘ultra-processing’. The style of life ‘Realfooding’ advises basing your diet on the first type and supplement it with the second, completely bypassing the third party.This app itself requires you to register and, again, if you want to scan the food you need to give you access to your camera mobile phone.It is one of the apps most complete that we have tested. The approach of Lifesum it is simple: you ask what is your goal-to win, to lose or maintain weight- and in function of the same makes a series of recommendations, based both on your spending habits -that you will be entering – as in some data such as age, height, and weight.After entering these data and your goal, as well as the time in which you want to achieve this, you will need to add what you eat to your food diary: you put the products that you have for breakfast, what you’ve eaten -understanding ‘lunch’ meal, what you had for dinner and snacks that you have taken. You can write down the exercise you have done and the water you have been drinking.In addition, the app has a section with meal plans and recipes in which you’ll be able to inspire you in order to propose a menu of healthy and achieve your goal.As a negative point commented that the application has a paid version and that offers subscribe repeatedly. In addition, it is also necessary to register as a user.As they say themselves on their motto: “Eat healthy, with what you have at hand”. Noodle is an application that has revolutionized the way of cooking, especially designed for young people because they tend to have the fridge ‘peeled’.How many times has happened that you open the fridge and you don’t see ‘nothing’ to eat? This application helps you to prepare a dish healthy and nutritious, and you just have to enter the ingredients you have at home. Noodle gives you different recipes -always very healthy – you can combine them.You can search by ingredients or type of dish and you can also ‘Explore’ their proposals and find more than 1,800 recipes by types of food or even time -has a section very helpful for our hectic lives on the dishes that cook in 20 minutes or less-.This app ‘made in Spain’ -has been developed in Zaragoza-, is the number 12 in the category ‘Health & fitness’ App Store. And, although it requires you to register to save your favorite recipes and to customize your searches, allows you to query and explore without the need to register as user.
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Yuka, MyRealFood, Lifesum or Noodle: apps to start the year eating healthy
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January 18, 2020

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