Zero, the number of Spanish director David Victori produced by Ridley Scott

Zero series produced Spanish director David Victori Ridley Scott

The web science fiction series Zero was directed by Spanish director David Victori and produced by Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender.

What if one day the earth suddenly loses gravity intermittently and progressive?

This question, explains David Victori , repeated it again and again for only unleash their mind completely. With this idea, derived from a talk with a friend, the young Spanish director had material for Zero , the project that has been working in recent years with luxury producers like Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender .

Zero is a series of science fiction consists of small deliveries that are publishing on YouTube. In fact you can already enjoy the first chapter of the four that make up the story. And it will be the next November 5 when the other episodes will be posted in the service of streaming of Google. We may recall that in April this year YouTube había promised work own content, as they are doing other services like Netflix and Amazon


work “Guilt” by David Victori was chosen from 15,000 short films from around the world

To understand the alignment of the team responsible for making Zero we should trace the year 2012 when David Victori winner won with his short film “ Guilt” in the Your Film Festival, international competition organized by YouTube and Emirates. The award consisted of a sum of $ 500,000 to create original content for Youtube with the help of Ridley Scott, Michael Fassbender and Scott Free Films team , the latter owned by the director of ‘ The Martian ‘.

So, Victori has been working on this project that looks very promising, the first chapter of just over nine minutes focuses the storyline and introduces us to the two main characters, father and son who have recently suffered a loss , in the midst of global chaos when gravity begins lost on planet Earth. trailers series directed by other directors have no waste, as well as previous work by David Victori.


Zero, the number of Spanish director David Victori produced by Ridley Scott
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October 27, 2015

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