ZTE Axon mini, analysis

ZTE Axon Mini 19

The Chinese company launched at IFA 2015, a top-end smartphone, opening the Axon . In fact, after seeing ZTE Elite Axon, we realized that we were facing one of the smartphones most advanced in the market camouflaged behind a modest price.

Today is the day that we have to analyze the smallest (in size) of the family, ZTE Axon mini that while enjoying a compact design 5.2 inches and implements cutting-edge features such as Force Touch , see also trimmed some features of ZTE Axon Elite. Anyway, this is a terminal with metal unibody design has left us a good feeling.

When defining ‘mini’ only It is in the name

ZTE Axon Mini 12

ZTE Axon mini It is one of the phones that boast of the word mini (lite or similar) on your behalf, something that usually comes to mean a significant cut in size, features and price.

However, the Axon mini is a version of 5.2 inches ZTE Axon Elite with some hardware changes to improve performance and, depending on which case, the slightly trimmed his older brother.

ZTE Axon mini, main specifications
Physical Dimensions 143.5 x 70 x 7.9 mm, 140 grams
Display 5.2-inch AMOLED (74, 2% front)
Touch Force
Cristal 2.5D
Resolution 1,920 x 1,080 (424 dpi)
Processor 616 8-core Snapdragon (4 1.5GHz Cortex A53 / 4 A53 1.2GHz) GPU Adreno 405
Report 32 GB (expandable with microSD cards up to 128 GB)
software version Android 5.1.1
Connectivity Telephony and data (dual Nanosim):
– SIM1: FDD-LTE: B1 / 3/7/8/12/17/20 TDD-LTE: B38 / 40/41 WCDMA: B2 / 5/8 GSM: B2 / 3/5/8 CDMA: BC0
-SIM2: GSM: B2 / 3/5/8
Bluetooth 4.0
Wi-Fi ac
Cameras Rear: Samsung 3M2, 13 Megapixel, f / 2.2, PADF focus, LED Flash Front
5 MPx, f / 2.2
Battery 2800 mAh (NO-removable)
Extras Fingerprint reader
iris ID authentication via voice

Audio Hi-Fi, dedicated chip AK4961

Price From 289 euros en Amazon

As we said and you can see in the chart, there is a slight cut in benefits against Axon Elite. Mainly in paragraph processor and secondarily on the battery capacity. In the remaining specifications we see that or specifications (RAM, storage, sensors and security features, etc.) or no improvements continue, for example its screen, which happens to have panel AMOLED with support Touch Force .

ZTE mini Axon maintains higher resolution model but, having smaller diagonal provides a higher density of pixels, reaching 424 dpi.

 ZTE Axon Mini 02

matt metallic finish the fashioned golden

Aesthetically is a striking terminal, has an unusual design with a triangular grille speakers and back. It is made of a material unibody design that, according to ZTE, is used in the manufacture of the Boeing 787 – aluminum and titanium alloy – with polished finish for better grip.

Of course, in the back, we see both above and below a plastic parts with a finish that imitates embroidered skin. Emphasizing that it is a matter of taste, I think are misplaced and partly break the line kept moving. Also I have something positive to say about it. That part is comfortable to touch and softens the feel of cold metal

 ZTE Axon Mini 04

Despite being microUSB connector type-C that we will arrive in most terminal this year 2016, ZTE continues to use Axon mini microUSB 2.0

Following the rear, emphasizes the capacitive fingerprint sensor . This works without switching on the screen, that is, you put your finger on the reader and the phone will be unlocked if it’s the right finger, of course-.

The camera and dual LED flash occupy the places used by the dual chamber Axon Elite, showing between the triangular pattern that we saw in the front of the speakers.

ZTE Axon Mini 11

The front is covered mostly by the screen, which is embedded in the housing unibody . Remember aesthetically largely looked at how the first Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 800 . The glass is greatly 2.5D note in this format and offers a nice visual touch and feel.

 ZTE Axon Mini 20

Axon Mini has no physical or capacitive Android buttons in the front so it uses buttons can be hidden at any time via onscreen button. You can retrieve the pendant through gesture dd slide from the bottom of the screen (exclusive feature).

 Hide keys

The physical buttons are located spread between the left side (volume buttons) and right side (button) where you will also find double Nanosim tray card or a Nanosim + microSD card. ZTE mini Axon supports cards up to 128 GB to complement the 32 GB of internal memory (approximately 26 GB available to the user).

 ZTE Axon Mini 09

ZTE mini Axon delivers the physical buttons on both sides: left hand and right volume controls for button and SIMs tray

To be a terminal screen 5.2 inches , is fairly light: 140 grams; and display AMOLED shows a contrast than the standard in smartphones this price range. Does not look good only indoors but emphasizes more colors and blacks are practically pure.

Blessed AMOLED, or how to get back to enjoy a screen

 ZTE Axon Mini 03

If you bring in this year of smartphones and mobile phones still will remember the way he was riding smartphones IPS panels not to Using this type of display. The improved viewing angles and color degradation is observed with the naked eye.

AMOLED is certainly another generational leap. We talk about a level of contrast announced 5,000: 1 by ZTE and the truth is that the colors are vivid helped, in part because blacks are black. This type of screen has a pixel-by-pixel integrated lighting and not a general lighting system rear ends clarifying inevitably dark colors.

ZTE Axon Mini 05

First of all we want to comment on how well care is the design and the inclusion of this screen with black frames and 2.5D finish on the front. This curl that provides this type of glass makes switching between body and screen is too soft and not be angled in hand.

Side black frames are quite small, in fact, the recess in the piece unibody is quite narrow, combined with glass 2.5D , makes the Mini Axon width not grow much more than the screen itself. In the field of vertical margins things change. While the front top integrated camera and sensors, the lower edge of the black soul stays and looks like it could have been the perfect site for Android capacitive buttons.

 ZTE Axon Mini 13

We do not have any complaints for this screen that while stays in FullHD resolution and does not pass higher (2K or 4K), offers a good balance between image quality, resolution, diagonal and energy consumption.

Also, before shelving the screen, only a point that we will discuss further in the software section. The Axon mini screen is pressure sensitive , so, as we tighten one will get different answers from the system, very similar to what iPhone has shown with its latest icon.

Performance half-premium range, no frills

One of the things that surprises me most mobile users is when they ask if they are going to be short this or that terminal, and the funny thing is that concern mobile riding SoCs next generation. Today we have more processing power in our hand that could develop the computer that took man to the moon.

 ZTE Axon Mini 06

We must learn to differentiate what is pure performance, ie put it into context against what is in the market, and unique or better performance, how it works well or badly the terminal in question. We started our tests with the terminal to put in context the performance of this mini Axon with its Snapdragon 616, Octacore heterogeneous Cortex A53, with 4 cores at 1.5GHz to 1.2GHz and 4, accompanied by a GPU . Adreno 405 550 MHz and 3 GB of RAM

Benchmarks ZTE Axon mini
(Snapdragon 616)
Oppo R7 Plus
(Snapdragon 615)
Elephone P8000
(Mediatek 6753)
Galaxy S6
(Exynos 7)
HTC One m9
( Snapdragon 810)
(Snapdragon 808)
AnTuTu 64bit 36,839 36.507

33.451 63,422 56,335 45,866
Quadrant 20,399 22.115

21,195 36,379 31,220 24,983
Epic Citadel High Performance 56.7 fps
Ultra High Quality 30.0 fps
High Performance 57.8 fps
Ultra High Quality 33.7 fps
High Performance 55 fps
Ultra High Quality 24.4 fps
ND High Performance 59.2 fps
Ultra High Quality 57.4 fps
Geekbench 3 Single : 709
Multi : 3.037
Single : 604
Multi : 1,851
Single : 629
Multi : 3,027
Single : 1,442
Multi : 4,469
Single : 1,145
Multi : 3,758
Single : 1,109
Multi : 3,468
3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited : 8.143
Extreme : 5,541
Basic 9,495
Unlimited : 7.223
Extreme : 5,278
Basic 8,846
Unlimited : 6.168
Extreme : 4.204
Basic 7,640
ND Unlimited : 24 996
Extreme : Maxed out
Basic :! Maxed out
3DMark SlingShot 3.0 : 176
3.1 : ND
It is 3.0 : 163
3.1 : ND
3.0 : 285
3.1 184
ND 3.0 : 2,150
3.1 1,478
PCMark – Work Performance 3662 3.502 3683 ND 4.233 ND


 image01  image01 href=”http://www.xatakandroid.com/galeria/benchmarks-zte-axon-mini/3″> image01  image01

As you can see in the performance table, ZTE Axon Mini , is not in high places but it operates well between the midrange and medium-high , premium or not.

For users who have any doubt, a chip Snapdragon 616 is perfect for day to day use and even 3D games without much load. Has a good balance consumer-performance , but, yes, if you want a smartphone with no lag to enjoy a game of this kind, should leap into the top model, ZTE Axon Elite

The ultrapersonalización and various bloatware undermines the user experience

Many Chinese companies, in order to differentiate themselves, committed to provide “improved” interface designs, applications for all kinds of features and a host of extras rather than just add to the whole experience, subtract. ZTE boasts a custom user interface on Android 5.1.1 , known as MiFavor and in particular 3.2.0.

Interface Settings

The feeling when you take the first terminal is relatively good. See an interface starring a launcher Simple without application drawer , but the battle begins after, for example, after a few minutes a message appears asking you to clean memory terminal and close applications.

Cieree Apps

In this way, we are forced to choose which applications will not close: push messaging , mail or any other we want that is running in the background.

There are preinstalled applications series, but could help make the terminal go smoother, end up being more hassle than help

Anyway, we have several software items to be liked ZTE interface. customizing icons, background, etc. is very simple and accessible, so lovers have it to your liking will be happy with the terminal. However, I must say, we miss the opportunity to series obviate this launcher if not to our liking, and we want to use a lighter or simply the original application icons .

One of the interesting points of ZTE Axon Mini Premium is that it integrates a screen AMOLED with support Force Touch , ie recognition not only of the touch screen, but also pressure.

This results in a number of possibilities when using the terminal that can be used by developers but for now, there is little in place to use it. For now we see direct actions if you press hard on the application icons or previews gallery, among others. Pressing hard on an application icon context menu that appears varies according to which applications.

Force Stocks available via Force Touch applications vary depending on the application and are limited for the moment to standard applications (optimized for it)

In the preinstalled have direct access to execute different actions. For example, in messages, we see directly “write a new message”, “view unread messages” or if we do it in the recorder, we can start an audio recording from the contextual menu.

Screenshot 2016 January 19 13 35 21

idea is good and allow that if you do this, save you a few seconds and a few taps on the screen. However, we think this feature should be implemented and exploited by the developers plus extended park with this touch devices and technology, and we see that combination somewhat complicated. What happens today if we do the same action on a third party application it is that, at best, invites us to manage the boot of applications in the beginning, if we do not, we get a vibration and any action or menu.

In theory, you could even use the screen as small scale objects with an accuracy of one gram up / down. Another functionality we can do is to create a PIN to unlock terminal different pressures on each key so that the same combination of numbers does not unlock the terminal if not the press to the correct pressure.

This feature was presented at IFA 2015 with Huawei Mate S 128GB and Apple with its iPhone 6s. However, our experience with the ZTE Axon Mini is one of the typical characteristics relegated to implement given the lack of time, with shares of everyday marketing.

The 3 GB of RAM integrating Axon Mini ZTE seem a generous figure to not have to walk constantly wiping the memory by the integrated software. Certainly, we have not encountered any lag, or to use the terminal or by doing intensive multitasking; a positive for ZTE.

ZTE Axon Mini 17

The theme of security in the terminal is treated with special care. We have a capacitive fingerprint reader on the back that, according to our tests, it works pretty well. Good enough means that we have a very high success rate without being the fastest in the market read the print.

It also offers a system voice recognition and a iris recognition , both available as methods of unlocking advanced (beyond PIN or pattern). In our case, the use of glasses complicates the correct operation of unlocking means iris recognition, however, still have to hand the functional release via fingerprint at all times.


Among the options that typically fall into oblivion we have a full set of gestures and movements that can be customized, for example, stirring twice the terminal and lock screen turn on the flashlight.

To end only comment that integrates a dedicated audio chip management, AK4961 DAC , with promising quality Hi-Fi sound and the possibility of audio conferencing with perfect sound in a range of up to 2 meters.

 Hi Fi

In addition, it comes with a hands-free headset in-ear that allow take advantage of these improvements in audio, in addition to its use as a volume control buttons or play .

It is a shame to see so many fringe cut in the software section in a very well balanced as regards terminal specifications, hardware and design.

House with many possibilities remarkable

ZTE Axon Mini 07

It is difficult to talk about smartphone cameras and not to mention those of other devices. This is one of the areas where most progress this segment in recent years and it is clear that, while it is not the same sensor 13 Mpx of either manufacturer, we can say yes the quality versus what we had four years ago is much higher.

20160123 213958 Img

The (normal) automatic mode is well calibrated offering some images with good color and contrast even indoors

Axon Mini mounted a camera that uses the Samsung 3M2 sensor , with quick approach phase detection, dual LED flash and an optical with f / 2.2 . In our tests it has offered a varied performance, not very consistent, but, in most cases-good results. The sensor is capable of capturing images at full resolution 13 Megapixel in 4: 3 and 9 have to lose if we take pictures Megapixel 16: 9.


software interface of the camera is very Simple with a hidden menu on the left side showing the various preset shooting modes . Highlights several, such as the manually where the user can take full advantage of the camera, or the HDR , among others.

In our tests we liked the flexibility of manual mode and highlight the versatility of (all automatic) Normal mode where ZTE has demonstrated good factory calibration getting in most night shots even proper photograph.

20160124 144024 Img

In pictures without HDR backlit behavior is worthy

The HDR mode, although correct, we felt somewhat loose, getting something to expand the dynamic range but offering a finish that is far from showing other terminals. This conservative measure has probably had as origin preserve a natural aspect of photography and HDR avoid such effects with saturated colors, and, moreover, unreliable. The HDR mode has worked well in daytime scenes slightly raising the dark parts of the image and improving details of bright areas.


The HDR mode is quite natural, in this case the sky and recovers details clarifies the side of the boat significantly

As a tip when using the HDR mode, we recommend it to flee in night scenes, since it is too exaggerated . However, during the day, the effect is very natural. Depending on the scene, the result is close to what would be achieved by bracketing in traditional cameras. We encourage you to view the full size pictures in the gallery below.


 image01  image01 href=”http://www.xatakandroid.com/galeria/fotos-hechas-con-zte-axon-mini/3″>  image01  image01

When using the camera we miss, for example, or a quick method for varying exposure Hand image. Moreover, it seems a very clean and correct interface to use the phone as a camera point & shoot .

20160123 203020 Img

In night shots algorithm Noise reduction limits the sharpness you perceive when you expand the image, but has seemed a fairly decent result for a terminal of this range price.

front camera also works very well, their 8MP and the same lens opening the rear have much to say about it. It also has a Beauty mode , which performs certain digital retouching faces automatically in removing wrinkles, rejuvenating, clearing the skin and thinning the photographed subject.


The video field is more modest but also falls short and can make videos FullHD format Timelapse , or Beauty in active mode. href=”http://www.ztedevice.com/product/b258df58-b524-49fb-9fcc-17002cb26edb.html/”> href=”http://www.xatakandroid.com/relaciones-empresas/”>

ZTE Axon mini, analysis
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January 25, 2016

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