Enjoy the 404 error from the web of Android with this mini-game

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    Minijuegoandroid 1

    Who has not ever found, when you try to access a web page something old, or type in the address to hand, a lovely message “Error 404: page not found? Possibly someone has been saddened by this web that you will not be able to visit, will have to give the back button and do other things.

    But, once in a while, the developers of certain sites are considered and, for don’t give up as soon as your page, even if you don’t find what you’re looking for there, you are able to spend a little of your time to give you an entertainment. An example is the web of Android, which, if you can’t find the page, allows you to spend a little time throwing a game your mini-game.

    Minijuegoandroid 2

    Don, is not the mini-game that can be seen in the easter eggs of our Android smartphones, but one of change the position of the pipes to direct the different goodies to your destination. If you want to play purpose, you only have to add any thing after the web address, for example you can enter in this link, full of romance, give it to ‘Play’ and enjoy.

    I have Not been able to get overly far away, but if you get the 400 points, the scenario changes slightly, along with the music, and our beloved Andy will be a little more dancer. Without a doubt, there is more than a casual game, but as it happens in many games of this type, you can spend hours of vice.

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    Enjoy the 404 error from the web of Android with this mini-game
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    October 24, 2016

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