Enjoy with the mind-boggling beginning of ‘Baby Driver’: six minutes of superb action at the wheel

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    Baby Driver

    If you’ve seen ‘Baby Driver’ you have seen that has several stunning sequences that they leave on a fool almost all the persecutions, as reflected in the recent movies (in car and on foot!). Perhaps it is early to say but I think that marks a before and an after, Edgar Wright has led one of the best action movies of the story.

    The start is a small masterpiece. For this reason, Sony has shared a video of the first sequence of ‘Baby Driver’, six-minute unsurpassed rhythm, spectacle, emotion and humour. If this doesn’t convince you to pay for the entry, nothing will. So if you discover for the first time, as if you saw in the movie theater (which is more impressive), I recommend that you turn up the volume and enjoy this jewel to full screen:

    The margin of the exemplary mise en scene of Wright, it is worth highlighting the amazing work of mounting, fitting the cuts with the song ‘Bellbottoms’ by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. I’m not sure that there is another sequence better in the movie but since then there are other to this level, similar in ambition and results, where the music sets the pace of the action. ‘Baby Driver’ is thus converted into a different musical and fast-paced.

    In The Beat there’s a juicy interview with one of the two assemblers accredited ‘Baby Driver’, Paul Machliss, who note that Wright asked working set to check as soon as possible if you were following the storyboards and recording the appropriate drawings for the musical themes chosen. It could not be otherwise. The film can leave you better or worse taste in the mouth at the end, and perhaps wasted his characters, but has sequences prodigious and it seems to me a must have for any lover of the seventh art.

    Baby, a young and talented driver specialized in leakage (Ansel Elgort), depends on the beat of his personal soundtrack to be the best in yours. When he meets the girl of his dreams (Lily James), Baby sees a chance to leave his life of crime and make an escape clean. But after having been forced to work for a crime boss (Kevin Spacey), you must give the face when an ill-fated coup threatens his life, his love and his freedom.


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    Enjoy with the mind-boggling beginning of ‘Baby Driver’: six minutes of superb action at the wheel
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    July 14, 2017

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