Entrepreneurship in Argentina: volatile, changing and surprising

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    Entrepreneurship in Argentina: volatile, changing and surprising

    Argentina, a country with great potential in economic and resource issue that adds to the tendency of enterprise with great success despite their vulnerability and economic cycles.

    Millions of eyes have been put into the events that have happened in Argentina in recent weeks. The general elections are taken as a matter of international importance , observed with interest both political and economic. And in this case, an interest in the future development will take the Argentine entrepreneurial sector that has been giving many surprises in recent years.

    For the first time in fourteen years, Casa Rosada not will a Peronist inhabitant . Mauricio Macri, who until now has been the mayor of Buenos Aires and influential center-href=”http://www.bbc.com/mundo/noticias/2015/11/151122_argentina_elecciones_resultados_ab”> in the second round against the candidate who had the mission to replace Cristina Fernandez, Daniel Scioli. It is the first time in the modern era, the president of one of the most powerful countries in Latin America do not share Peronism, or the radicalism.

    The international criticism, that have occurred in recent years, the policies pursued by the Republic have called for new measures step guarantee civil, political and social rights , and manage financial measures to facilitate long-term economic sustainability, avoiding foreign seasonal peaks. In the case of Mauricio Macri, the pillars of his campaign have been based on the poverty eradication , the elimination of drug trafficking and the solution of the financial crisis as the main elements.

     alex_black: Shutterstock

    alex_black: Shutterstock

    A very rich country in a perpetual roller coaster

    Argentina’s economic system has gone through its ups and downs, and in fact, according to the Americas Barometer is rated one of the worst. While it is true that, following the severe crisis that hit the country in 2001, economic progress has been rapidly increasing, until at least 2014 with one of the most radical restructuring of debt of the moment; which has created one of the GDP figures highest in Latin America: 540,000 million.

    The Argentina economy, with wealth of raw materials, has a history of large fluctuations Nestor Kirchner established policy Dollar high , which mainly helped to improve the national industry and the export of products at prices highly competitive within natural resource commodities, food and energy. figures remained stable, and even increased, with the financial crisis in the United States, 2011 .

    During the years of growth, the direct consequences on society were noted with increased much higher than their middle-class neighbors. In addition to the fall in unemployment, and less poverty, historical figures with enhancement of technological industry and trade , putting a country traditionally one exporter of beef export software.

    However, in 2014 with the fall of the Brazilian economy, things began to go wrong for Cristina Fernandez. Expansionist policies, while increasing GDP have a side effect creating high inequality in the population, inflation and debt growth. The return to protectionist policies, mainly in the import of products has led to the discontent of the business world and the Mercosur countries.

    Entrepreneurs, a growing but vulnerable ecosystem

    The global trend in approaching the enterprise has followed a growing line across all geographies; and as you might expect, each region has its own peculiarities. In Argentina has been denoted increased entrepreneurial activity as in other countries, but with a performance cyclical and vulnerable affected, in many cases, by mood of the economy, according to the annual Global Entrepreneurship Monitor .

    Despite having quite scary entrepreneurship, Argentines have numerous success stories In recent years, the activity of the government sector, private institutions, and universities, including international institutions such as Wayra, have worked to promote the benefits of entrepreneurship. However, the Argentines remain rather reluctant when embarking on the adventure: if the average entrepreneur in Latin America is 49%, that of Argentina remains in almost 32%, the largest most of them people with only high school.

    The reasons usually found to not afford the risk are the very few returns are likely to find in the process, the environment of economic and political uncertainty and a clear inclination to other opportunities . But above all is the fear of failure; concept that Silicon Valley is probably in the order of the day, but in other geographies is faced with a very different psychology.

    According to TTR-Transactional Track Record , an organization dedicated to record the number and value of transactions in Spain and Latin America, the best year for Argentina in terms of venture capital has been 2014; at least when amount. A record of nearly $ 234 million. But it is the question of the volume of operations, in clear decline since 2013, which has been most affected by the excesses of the financial crisis in the Southern Cone, and protectionism abroad.

    startups argentina.001

    Despite this, Argentina never fails to surprise and has some of the most prominent projects in this region, which incidentally have a powerful approach to internationalization . Preferred sectors are finance, trade and renewable energy with cases like Off a travel portal and hotel booking. Technological UnitecBlue or Devego , which just received a funding of seven million dollars from various backgrounds international as TTR. But undoubtedly the most prominent case this year has been to Globant’s . The startup Argentina, which designs software, has put a flag in Colombia, Uruguay United Kingdom and Brazil; but his greatest milestone was to start trading in the US stock market Nasdaq. As already he has done MercadoLibre, a sort of Argentine Amazon, some years ago. Which puts them in a clear international game.


    Entrepreneurship in Argentina: volatile, changing and surprising
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    November 25, 2015

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