Esteban Crespo and Cate Blanchett tuna with wasabi share in the banquet of Oscar nominees

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    • Spanish nominated for best short tasted really sophisticated actress daily menu. wasabi ahi tuna and zucchini with goat cheese and tomato
    • Crespo said it was “like a wedding medium size” and the big stars will try to “face to face”.
    • The Mexican Alfonso Cuarón, Bradley Cooper and Matthew McConaughey also felt very grateful for being there

    • PHOTOGALLERY. lunch Oscar candidates.

    Cate Blanchett

    The Mexican news and Spanish Esteban Crespo Monday hobnobbed with the most famous of the Hollywood industry the quinoa salad, sea bass and truffles in the traditional food that brings together Nominees for the awards Oscar in Los Angeles few weeks before the gala.

    Around noon, candidates for the statuettes at the 86th edition of the awards were presented at the Beverly Hilton hotel, where they shared a table, tablecloth and conversation without nerves ceremonious that often accompany the awards.

    “It’s like a wedding midsize ” confessed Crespo, author of One was not , which chooses the production Oscar for best live action short film.

    This short film will be screened on Wednesday February 12 at the UN headquarters in New York , on the occasion of the World Day against the Use of Child Soldiers.

    The Spanish tasted alongside actress Cate Blanchett sophisticated menu of the day, I had to open mouth marinated ahi tuna wasabi, zucchini Grilled goat cheese and tomato , stuffed vegetable rolls, and a cover of beef with horseradish mousse and cucumber sauce.

    From first course, a salad of quinoa with dried cherries, snook second and dessert with truffles and chocolate-covered strawberries.

    “It is disbelief, here we are surrounded by people who makes great movies but everyone comes you face to face .’s a beautiful thing, “said Crespo.

    Blanchett, who won an Oscar for The Aviator , shared the same fascination time, confessed to reporters.

    “This is exciting more than anything else ,” said the Australian, who lives for the sixth time this process, this time as a candidate best actress for Blue Jasmine .

    Speaking of things to bring into the gala

    Amy Adams, who dispute the Oscar Blanchett with great American scam , said that for the March 2 ceremony at the Dolby Theater a dress that really take in your life and not the garment that will decide his advisers.

    also spoke of his styling , nominated Best Actor Dallas Buyers Club , who explained that she likes to dress classy but not necessarily stick to suits in blue and black.

    McConaughey announced that the Oscar win or not held it to be his first attempt to award .

    “Who knows if I’ll ever be nominated?” actor, whose co-star Jared Leto, who asked to choose Oscar for Best Supporting went to lunch with her long hair down , a gold jacket with a red scarf, and recognized that it was not very fond usually fixed.

    “No I have many costumes. want to feel like myself, not my agent, “said Leto, which was why her mother accompanying awards ceremonies .

    were very poor when I was born, but my mother was a dreamer , a worker who wanted something better for their children. She inspired me to dream,” he said.

    Sandra Bullock , delighted with Cuarón

    clothes also, but figuratively speaking Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón, triple a candidate for heading figurines Gravity (director, producer and editor), when asked by the good words of other filmmakers towards their work.

    “It feels pretty good, that they like the other tailors your suits,” says Cuarón, who thanked the support felt the Latin world since the movie was released.

    Sandra Bullock , nominated for best actress for Gravity , also praised Cuarón, a filmmaker who was and never thought in a million years would have a role for her.

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill, candidate for best actor and best supporting respectively The Wolf of Wall Street shared their illusion of repeat orders Martin Scorsese , director of that film.

    I grew up inspired by his work “, DiCaprio, regular contributor to Scorsese, who say they share the same taste in movies and be willing to do in order screen what you said.

    Hill went a step further: “I would paint your house if he asked me,” said

    to Bradley Cooper , rival of Hill for the statuette The Great American scam , is the second consecutive year nominated, which ends not believe .

    “I keep hoping that someone come and get me out of here ,” he said jokingly.

    shared disbelief Lupita Nyong’o , the Kenyan born in Mexico Oscar nominee for best supporting, who said he was delighted with his Latin American background and be part of the big Hollywood party.

    “In no way I could dream about any of this . It has been an incredible journey, a fascinating, revealing and rewarding adventure, “he said.


    Esteban Crespo and Cate Blanchett tuna with wasabi share in the banquet of Oscar nominees
    February 11, 2014

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