Eva is the perfect assistant to start in Telegram and get more out of the app

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  • Telegram Eva

    Telegram unlike WhatsApp, its main competitor, is an application that can be used as a messaging client, but that if we took it beyond a chat-conventional has a lot of potential: stickers to give it more life and color to your conversations, bots to offer us any kind of information or thematic channels of all types to receive information of what we like. do you Know, by the way, that we have a channel of Xataka in Telegram?

    When you do not know where to start, what normal is to start looking for how to get the most out of, and in fact recently we took a post explaining a lot of tricks to be teachers in the Telegram. Diving for Google Play we have found an application which is complemented to perfection with these tips and help to all the newbies, and not so many to squeeze in this messaging client. His name is Eve.

    Sunshine Apps, the creator of Eva, defines its application as a wizard, but is far from being an app of that type. What he offers us is a series of content cured and a search engine so that we can easily find it. Once the open for the first time, we will see that we have three different categories: stickers, bots, and channels. The interface is very simple, clean and consistent with the aesthetic values of the official client of Telegram.

    from these three sections we will accessing all the content and when we want, we click on him, and we will take a Telegram for us to set up. If it is a pack of stickers to confirm your installation, and if it is a bot or a channel to begin to interact with him and then left our conversation open, easy and simple.

    Telegram Eva

    After a few searches most of the content that has left me is pretty useful, in fact with the finder stickers I have discovered a few packs quite interesting. The only downside that I put on my Eva is that to find channels or bots in Spanish still does not handle this information. If you do not have problems with English, it is not a problem, but it will take less power to find more content in other languages.

    If ye have heard of Telegram or already use it but do not know where to start to see what you can do with it, first leeros this article where I give a lot of tips and after, with this app, you’re nurturing of all kinds of contents. I’ve been using the app and thanks to Eva I I have found a few things that did not know and now aim to be must-haves.

    what Is a secure application? It may sound a very obvious but a lot of developers try to take advantage of the success of the apps is messaging to oeuvre malware. the Eva is very transparent, do not ask for permissions, it serves no advertising and the only connection it makes is with the client of Telegram that we have installed.



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    In Xataka Android | 40 tricks to master Telegram to the max

    The news Eva is the perfect assistant to start in Telegram and get more out of the app was originally published in Xataka Android by Juan Carlos González .

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    Eva is the perfect assistant to start in Telegram and get more out of the app
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    December 20, 2017

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