Exclusive edition of ‘Passengers’, complete series of ‘Dragon Ball’ and mat ‘Breaking Bad’: Hunting for Bargains

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    In Espinof we can’t let another week comes to an end without carrying out our traditional review of the best deals about the world of film and television these last few days. The exclusive edition of ‘Passengers’, the whole series of ‘Dragon Ball’ and a funny doormat of ‘Breaking Bad’ are only some of the producers that you will find in this new installment of our Hunting for Bargain:


    • ‘Passengers’, exclusive edition on blu-ray: for me a big disappointment, but fans of the movie starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt have the opportunity to be with this edition only on sale in Fnac at a price of laughter: 8,39 eur

    • Collection James Bond on blu-ray: 24 delivery agent 007 to date in high-definition at a very attractive price -not comes to three euros per movie-: 62,99 eur (if you want to dvd, it is in 48,99 eur)

    • ‘The wolf of Wall Street’ on blu-ray: a wonderful movie that Leonardo DiCaprio should win the Oscar, something that would not even ‘The born again’ (‘The Revenant’), and at this price there is no excuse for not having it in your collection: 6,99 euro (if you want to dvd, the price drops until 4,89 euros)

    • ‘The runner of the labyrinth’ on blu-ray: the series has already concluded, so perhaps more than one might prefer to wait for a pack with the three films, but if you only enjoyed the first one, here is your opportunity to be done with it: 5,59 eur

    • ‘Rogue One: A history of Star Wars’ in blu-ray: the first spin-off made by Disney of the legendary saga created by George Lucas. If you were expecting to see it at a good price to make you with it, nor hesitate: 8,39 eur

    Dragon Ball

    door Mat Breaking Bad

    • Doormat of ‘Breaking Bad’: a good opportunity to give your know your love for this series to all your neighbors and visitors. The problem is that some of the first we like it so much you decide to keep it when no one’s look: 17,25 eur

    • Mystery Minis of ‘The lord of the rings: another new serving size of these cute boxes surprise, on this occasion dedicated to the adaptation of Peter Jackson the famous novel written by J. R. R. Tolkien: From 7.02 eur

    • Funko Pop Khal Drogo: makes a lot of the character disappeared from the series, but surely all the fans of the series will recall the remarkable work of Jason Momoa, and more than one is a lover of this type of bobble head: 8,69 eur

    • Doll Chucky: let’s hope this does not come to life and want to kill us, almost better that you limit yourself to decorating the place where you will leave: 39,89 eur

    • Doll ‘Vaiana: a successful doll official Disney Store with a rebate of 42%. Ideal to save it for a future gift or simply to put a note of color to your collection of Disney: 12 eur

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    The news exclusive Edition of ‘Passengers’, complete series of ‘Dragon Ball’ and mat ‘Breaking Bad’: Hunting for Bargains was originally published in Espinof by Mikel Zorrilla .


    Exclusive edition of ‘Passengers’, complete series of ‘Dragon Ball’ and mat ‘Breaking Bad’: Hunting for Bargains
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    February 12, 2018

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