Facebook allows you to schedule private messages of “Happy New Year!”

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    Midnight Delivery

    Lest you be thinking at the last minute to have forgotten who we greet the new year arriving, the Facebook team has prepared an option to schedule messages of congratulations to our friends .

    We just have to loguearnos with our Facebook account to use this application, Midnight Delivery . The interface is simple, just take the names of the friends you want to convey our congratulations. Although we’ll see a message “Have a Happy New Year and a great 2013!”, We can customize the text in our opinion, and even attach a picture.

    The service will forward private messages to our the tray each of our friends at midnight on Tuesday, respecting the time zone. As you may wish to send different messages to each group of friends, at the bottom we have a list of the messages that we have scheduled.

    Link: Midnight Delivery

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    Facebook allows you to schedule private messages of “Happy New Year!”
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    December 30, 2012

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