Facebook is fixed at the memes and test an app of your own to design them

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  • The memes have been extended in recent years and have become a formula humorous witty that has a great acceptance in social networks. Facebook, through a division aimed to design and test applications, has created the Whale, which offers the user to make their own mounts.The product was launched in mid-November in Canada and the movement it entails is seen as a signal that the american company seeks options to counter the thrust of their competitors as well as to get closer to the young audience.The arrival of the Whale to Canada does not mean it will appear later in other countries, as it will depend on use and the route detected. Your pregnancy is part of the work done by the NPE Team, mark, conceived as the laboratory of testing of Facebook. In the statement, alluding to the start of operation of this division, released last July, the social network already highlighted that these applications will suffer changes or stifle if you testified to that are not helpful to consumers.Whale is the third app driven within this road of experimentation after Aux and Bump, also limited only to Canada. A priori, it is not too original because there are specific apps for memes, although it has the appeal of free. The user of the Whale can take a photo, choose from among the stored in your mobile or explore a library of images. The edition includes texts, emojis, filters, stickers as well as the possibility of free drawing. The end result can be shared on other social networks.
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    Facebook is fixed at the memes and test an app of your own to design them
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    December 30, 2019

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