Famous rappers are trying to save a puppy in a virtual reality game

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    And are scared.

    To what extent are you willing to risk your life to save a puppy? That is the question that rappers like Fat Nick, Famous Dex or Nef the Pharaoh have had to respond while testing this virtual reality experience with HTC Live.

    And that is, to rescue this puppy, supposed to be the rappers had to walk a plank suspended hundreds of meters in height. From the YouTube channel 88Rising have posted the video of the moment:

    got everything

    they were All willing and emboldened to test the set of virtual reality and HTC Live, until they discovered the test to which they had to contend with. Sitting on the end of a thin plank of wood, is a puppy who must rescue. Around the table flit dozens of birds that cause a greater feeling of dizziness and vertigo.

    at The end, with much effort and by gathering a great worth, rappers manage to catch the doggy style and bring it to a safe place. Yes, the video is priceless.

    famous Rappers are trying to save a dog in a game of virtual reality

    Famous rappers are trying to save a puppy in a virtual reality game
    Source: www.vandal.net  
    January 1, 2019

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