‘Fear the Walking Dead’ 2×07: a silly and crazy

“She was right about us”

the first half of the second season of href=”http://hipertextual.com/tag/fear-the-walking-dead” fear the walking dead , before the usual break to which we are accustomed in her mother series, the href=”http://hipertextual.com/tag/the-walking-dead” walking Dead , ends with “Shiva”, an episode that has the ingredients and the dramatic events suitable for a great climax but, as has become customary in this languid spin-off , stays halfway through the sum of its weaknesses .

it all starts at the same point where it ended ” Sicut Cervus “ chapter predecent, but just before we have the chance to see the last seconds of a dream of Daniel Salazar ( Ruben Blades), about his violent past. Delve into it is a wise decision because, followed by Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) the webisódica Alex (Michelle Ang) and Celia Flores (Marlene Forte), Daniel is the only one whose life circumstances really intuit that can get to be interested enough as to provide material , motivations and storylines for a few episodes. But href=”http://hipertextual.com/2012/10/robert-kirkman-cambios-the-walking-dead” Robert Kirkman , Dave Erickson and his team screenwriters know use it remains to be seen, and is not as clear as we see it concludes the chapter.

fear the walking dead 2x07

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ 2×07 – AMC

the consequences of the latter that made Chris Manawa (Lorenzo James Henrie) and, above all, Strand at the end of the previous are felt in this, and if for a moment we had noticed an unpleasant smell, the feeling of déjà vu, what happened exactly in the first half of the second season of the Walking Dead with what Hershel Greene and his family hid in the barn of his farm, fortunately, here we stop to smell it. In addition, the reasons why Celia and the other inhabitants of your house do the same as Hershel and company are something more elaborate. But soon we better Everything happens at breakneck speed this season, just the reverse in the first.; They have gone from one extreme to another and do not give with the right dynamics

Nick Clark (Frank Dillane), who seems to have seen the light with unusual speed, try to fix the mess Strand with a surprise, and the mental state of Daniel and Chris deteriorates, but this we set forth in one or two gunshots, so that screenwriters influence again in one of the biggest weaknesses of the series: no dilate most situations a sustained crescendo of tension for the viewer to savor at ease and thus find it entirely plausible evolution of the characters , as well it is done in The Walking Dead . Everything happens at breakneck speed this season, just what I reverse that in the first; seems to have gone from one extreme to another and they can not find the right dynamic, and new characters and places where they seek safety are practically seen and unseen.

fear the walking dead 2x07_3

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ 2×07 – AMC

even the threat that hangs over Strand, why he should experience something more ominous, reaches somewhere; stays in a shameful petered out. On the other hand, while the resolution takes Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) as a parent regarding Chris we can antojar somewhat understandable, not too much, Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) as a mother, of course, is excessive to clearly, almost brainless, because things have not come far enough as to behave well.

And the last of Nick would be more palatable if his change of mind not I had been so hasty, if it were not so weakly built. And although there is some truth in what he says in the closing scene about what always ends up causing grupete of surviving beyond where they arrive, it does not add is the unequivocal cause of so be it: that will haphazardly by this apocalyptic world that they have been cast on them, and that is the responsibility of those who move their wires


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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ 2×07: a silly and crazy
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