Firefox for Android launches a temporary patch for the vulnerability Spectre

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    The large security issue detected in the latest processors going to be the theme of this month of January until the majority of businesses to get it correct in their products. security patches to stop Meltdown and Spectre are already in place.

    The security patch from January to the Android operating system attempts to correct for this problem but as many devices are going to be if that patch then are the applications that they have to apply their own security solutions to minimize the possible attacks Spectre, which are those that affect the ARM processors. And this is what has begun to make the foundation Mozilla.

    The Firefox browser has been updated to version 57.0.4 to apply temporary patch to try and curb the attacks execution speculative that presents the vulnerability Spectre. What has made Mozilla has been to reduce the accuracy of the function and disable the function SharedArrayBuffer to make it much more difficult for a web page to use JavaScript to attack us.

    This is one of the first measures that Mozilla is going to add on to your Firefox browser to protect it from these attacks. In future updates will add more security patches with more protections against Meltdown and the Spectre for all versions of your browser.

    it Is possible that in a couple of weeks the majority of Android devices are protected from attacks Meltdown and the Spectre that come through web pages, to be easy to be able to update the web browsers. The problem is going to be to protect the operating system from attacks that come directly from malicious applications, as they will lack a system update, even though Google tries to reassure that on Android this vulnerability is limited in scope given the layers of security that already has the S. O.

    More information | Mozilla
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    Firefox for Android launches a temporary patch for the vulnerability Spectre
    January 5, 2018

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