Five apps that already use quick settings, and custom Nougat

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    One of the new features introduced by Google in Android Nougat are the quick settings extensible with third-party applications. If the name does not tell you a great thing, are the caps available to display the notifications panel, with which you can turn off WiFi, mute the phone, turn on the flashlight, and similar actions.

    While formerly you had come with your ROM are the that they had and that’s it (unless you use Xposed, or similar), Android, Nougat, includes an API so that developers can create your own buttons. Although Nougat is not or the 1% of the mobile assets, today, some developers have already been updated and include their own buttons.

    1. Shazam

    it Was a the first applications to include support for the quick settings custom. In this case the button added is to the function Auto Shazzam, which logs all the songs you get by way of automatically.


    ShazamVaries with device

    QR Code

    2. Spotify

    Spotify is the application of streaming musical par excellence, and although while you’re listening to music you can control playback with the controls in the notifications panel (or on the lock screen) already includes support for a quick fit custom: in this case, to enable or disable the offline mode.

    Spotify Music

    Spotify MusicVaries with device

    QR Code

    3. Chromer

    This browser-based Chrome Custom Tabs included some time ago, the support for the bubbles floating (here called Webheads) so that you can upload links quickly and in the background. With your settings fast for Nougat, you can enable or disable these Webheads.

    4. Todoist

    If you write down all the pending tasks on the mobile phone, it is possible that already use Todoist. If you have a Nougat, add notes is faster than ever before, because from the quick setting you can start a new task quickly, which is complete in a floating window.

    Todoist: Task List

    Todoist: Task List11

    QR Code

    • Android Version: since 4.1
    • Developer: Doist
    • Download: Google Play
    • Price: the Free
    • Category: Productivity

    5. Wakey

    we end the list with an app less well-known than the above: Wakey. This app is able to control the brightness of the screen to put it to the maximum, or minimum, in certain applications or extend the length of time the screen stays on, and since the last update also, you can enable or disable functions completely from its quick setting for Nougat.

    Wakey: on-screen

    Wakey: on-screenVaries with device

    QR Code

    In Xataka Android | Shazam is integrated into the quick settings of Android 7.0 Nougat

    The news Five apps that already use quick settings, and custom Nougat was originally published in Xataka Android by Ivan Ramirez .

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    Five apps that already use quick settings, and custom Nougat
    November 11, 2016

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