Football Manager Mobile 2016 for sale on Google Play

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    Football Manager Mobile 2016

    The new release of the mobile version of the acclaimed football management game Football Manager lands on our Android devices by changing the tagline Handheld Mobile, updating equipment to the 2015-16 season with more news.

    As has already happened in previous releases, Football Manager 2016 Mobile is an update of the game that redesigns the game slightly for even more intuitive play and can see a lot more information out


    Football Manager Mobile 2016

    new gameplay find their new tactical instructions to further control our team, the incorporating trainers to help the team focus ahead of its next meeting and training new medals of gold, silver and bronze that will define our style of training.

    Football Manager Mobile 2016

    Football Manager Mobile 2016 has clubs from 14 countries around the world, including all major European leagues. Its price returns to be 8.99 euros with optional integrated shopping.

    In Engadget Android | Square Champ Man Enix launches Android 16, his new football management game is even bigger

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    Football Manager Mobile 2016 for sale on Google Play
    November 19, 2015

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