For Mobogenie, the app store that is installed without your permission

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    Is it a virus? Is it SPAM? Many users are wondering what exactly Mobogenie, the application suddenly has downloaded to your Android without really knowing why. Mobogenie is an app store that is installed by third party programs and we on the phone.

    In principle, Mobogenie is presented as an All-in-One, an Android Mobile Manager, a program to transfer images and other data between your PC and phone however is to install this program when we download the app that many users confused with a virus when in fact it is not Android.

    This program also enters our browser and we redirect your app to make purchases through it. The app simulates a kind of Play Store directly to trick users into thinking it is on Google Play.

    Always choose the custom installation option

    But many will wonder what you’ve done to me Mobogenie install Well clickar in any banner, download a torrent program music or weird or just not look at the installation. Often some of these PC programs incorporate the option to install any additional , and this is precisely to avoid.

    right;”> mobogenie-apk

    This program we also install up to 35 different files, occupying 44.39 MB. Joined sync with Chrome. Well, we have our Android “infected”.

    We must watch always put ourselves where and what we accept. This technique is very similar to the classic phishing , and though Android no virus as such , these apps other camouflage themselves are more common.



    To I advise you to remove your PC passes a recognized antivirus. That does not erase everything. Then we have to catch our Android and you should not just delete the app through the icon, but go to Settings> Applications and then find the other services associated with Mobogenie.

    A simple but tedious steps to delete a program that we have inadvertently installed.

    friendly and smiling Villains

    Given these practices, programs like CM Security are indispensable. But we should not have to go to these points. So suggest two things, first take great care not to install the typical app “download mp3s” and take care to alternative markets or modules Xposed we install.

    And then, notify the owners of the advertising pages which have Mobogenie or some program that we install. So block such advertising and can get rid of this type of internet apps. themselves owners of the websites are the first affected by this type of banners , it is annoying to lose people and visitors. I think that any webmaster would put in the day test of death for example.

    From Mobogenie have echoed these complaints from users and have updated their Google profile apologizing Play and referring to a glitch in the development , trying to fix ASAP. Ensure that no further discomfort. But the damage is already done.

    Choosing a technique horrible and annoying marketing and then pull back not believe it is the best way to try to get users to use your application ( one that already if not convince anyone). We expect developers of such apps do not continue playing with some users than with the passage of time more and more aware that such practices must not go unpunished.

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    For Mobogenie, the app store that is installed without your permission
    February 2, 2014

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