former executive of Sony, Disney and Infinity Ward are a study focused on virtual reality

‘Rogue Initiative’ will be called.
A group of former executives, developers and workers Infinity Ward, Disney, Pixar, MTV Films, DreamWorks and Sony , have announced foundation of a new company, href=”” the Rogue Initiative that will produce content for virtual reality in the form of games, movies and television series.
the Rogue Initiative use technology Unreal Engine 4 for their games , and we would have closed several agreements with Hollywood directors , in the search for interactive experiences big budget . They would also have serious intentions to produce own content and adapt the existing platforms such as PlayStation VR, Oculus, HTC Vive and Gear VR , as well as ecosystems and portals streaming style Netflix and Hulu

Its leaders and founders have worked in series, animated films or juegs big budget

One of his first projects will be versed in the development of an episodic game based on a license as well as the presentation of a psychological thriller and an adventure animation. Pete Blumel , the founder of the company, and had served in Activision as one of the creators of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Ghosts . Another of its founders, Cathy Twigg , has worked at renowned animation sagas, such as Shrek , Kung Fu Panda or How to Train Your Dragon .
have always believed in the ways of unifying creative Hollywood under one roof big-budget video games, and developers,” said Blumel. “ Virtual reality is another catalyst perfect to build that bridge.” You have more information about the company, href=”” on its official website.

2016: the year of the virutal reality

addition to Oculus Rift and Sony , who will have their virtual reality glasses cited for PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR , Nintendo has confirmed its progress in that field , but still has no concrete plans. Meanwhile, href=”” Apple reportedly hired experts virtual and augmented reality for their own development purposes. 2016 , analysts say, will be the year of the explosion of virtual reality with expectations several million units .
Former executives of Sony, Disney and Infinity Ward form a study focused on virtual reality


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former executive of Sony, Disney and Infinity Ward are a study focused on virtual reality

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