Four prepares ‘Amores perros’ (and is not a remake of the movie)

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    Although animals do not watch television, you have to see the game you get to hit it. Four is preparing a new format ‘Amores perros’ be called a very literal title, because the program will focus on the special relationships that may have owners with their pet dogs .

    the casting is open , so if you are masters of a puppy, can participate in it. Obviously Four will select the most curious and striking stories, so now you can abstain if you are rather on the average, because the chain stresses that cases can be seen be many-colored

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    and maybe something else, because Four has also reported that those present must be ready to meet other people and their pets do not know if this becomes a mimicry of dating for dogs, but knowing the enthusiasm generated by this format Mediaset would not surprise us at all.

    ‘Amores perros’ joins the list of new programs the second Mediaset is launching channel in order to trace their audiences. While this season as we have seen ‘The Xef’ or the new delivery programa tróspido of the season and that ‘ takes party ‘committed to a political access, soon, Four will surprise us with a reality of girls who want to enter a convent.’ I want to be a nun ‘

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    The news Four prepares ‘Amores perros’ (and is not a remake of the movie) was originally published in Tele Go by Noelius .

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    Four prepares ‘Amores perros’ (and is not a remake of the movie)
    February 27, 2016

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