Frank O’Connor: ‘Cortana goes naked to get our attention’

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    The director of the ‘Halo’ series explains in an interview.
    Frank O’Connor, director of the saga Halo 343 Industries, said in comments reported by GamesRadar , the virtual artificial intelligence featuring Master Chief games, Cortana , “Go naked to get our attention and take the lead” .

    In any case, Frank O’Connor emphasizes really not going naked, as it has private parts and the need to wear clothes to hide “and qualifies” is a way to attract attention during conversations with their partners, a way smart enough to bring “shots.
    In the same interview, OR O’Connor, one of those responsible for the recent Halo 5: Guardians , talks about other artificial intelligences within the UNSC , as one that is disguised as a magician and one that has adopted the appearance of a pilot of a bomber of the Second World War. have href=”” in full transcript of the interview that has made Eurogamer.
    Halo 5: Guardians is for sale exclusively for Xbox One , offering a adventure that will follow the footsteps of two other Spartans teams (one led by the Master Chief and the other by Locke) and new multiplayer game modes, among which includes War Zone, the largest and most ambitious of the series to date

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    Frank O’Connor: ‘Cortana goes naked to get our attention’
    October 31, 2015

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