Free Android Apps of the day September 4, 2015

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    Mutant Busters. The first battles and ULTRAFLOW, free apps for Android today
    More applications for Android systems, completely free , come through our daily section Vandal. Selected Discover with us, and enjoy, at no cost without having to spend a single céntimo- of those more interesting and fun free games. A play!

    Mutant Busters

    Mutant Busters: The first battles is the official app of the famous toy line Famous, Mutant Busters. The app is an action game in the third person rather basic, in which members of the Resistance and the Mutants , the copper -arma beat a hand in various stages of the campaign. Mutant Busters: The first battles , includes different characters, a number of achievements and online bookmarks, plus a multiplayer
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    ULTRAFLOW is a title minimalist puzzles, where you have to go taking advantage of the environment, and the path and disposition of each level , to overcome . Our level of flexibility is key, because we must always consider where we should go, and the impulse or the obstacles that may benefit us or slow us down. No time, but each stage has a limited number of attempts.
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    Free Android Apps of the day September 4, 2015
    September 4, 2015

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