GAME details their incentive reserve for a Dead Alliance

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    The action game, and zombies will arrive on the 29th of August.

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    GAME announced his incentive reserve for the action game with zombies Dead Alliance, a title that will come to Xbox One, PC and PS4 the next day, August 29.


    Content of the DLC pack

    In the chain of stores we will have access to a DLC titled Rapid Dominance that contains the following.

    ·Pack Eagle Eyes (weapon: long-range. Perk: sprint speed. Object: targeter. Scoring streak: sniper)
    ·Pack Veteran (weapon: quick reload. Perk: resistance zombie. Item: trailer. Scoring streak: localized infection)
    ·Pack Demolition Man (weapon: fire power. Perk: heavy armor. Object: fragmentation grenade. Scoring streak: detonation localized)

    Survival in a future without hope

    Dead Alliance will lead us to a future in which humanity is facing extinction. Civilization has been reduced to a handful of states in a hell full of zombies and the undead, while a few groups of people organize themselves to survive and to find resources in the infected areas.

    In Dead Alliance players, in addition to having a mode in solo, should cooperate and compete in various modes play in groups of up to four users as a Team Deathmatch, Free for All, King of the Hill and Capture and Hold. In addition, according to its creators, you will have the way Only Survival and an option, inspired by the MOBA, called Attrition. The game will include important options of customization, from weapons to computers, as well as control elements, hordes of zombies -that will help us as if they were cattle at opportune moments thanks to the remote control thanks to the pheromones and other aspects-.

    GAME details their incentives reserve for Dead Alliance

    GAME details their incentive reserve for a Dead Alliance
    August 28, 2017

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