Game Live, this is the app of Samsung to do streaming of your games

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    Galaxy S8 7

    today smartphones have such power that they are, with all of the law, pocket pcs. The amount of tasks that we can do at any time and place is what has led to that are so popular in the current times.

    With the hardware that carry the high-end mobile current, it is possible to do anything, even make ‘streaming’, something which not long ago was unthinkable. Now Samsung is preparing an application to, those who are willing to do ‘streaming’ from your own smartphone.

    Samsung Game Live will allow users to stream on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook, even live.

    Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Game Launcher, a feature that allowed its users to, among other things, to record the screen of what they were doing. But Game Live goes beyond, will allow you to do ‘streaming’ on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook, even live, and you’ll be able to make use of microphone, if you want to comment on while you play.

    The only limitation you would have would be that the video does not occupy more than 4 GB or lasts for more than 200 minutes. The application is not yet available in Google Play (it will be), but in the meantime you can download it from apkmirror to test it. Although it is sure that it will work on many Samsung devices, it is possible to work in some other brand. Is this the tool you needed to start making ‘streaming’ with your mobile?

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    Xataka Android | Samsung Game Launcher, and Game Tools: what are they and what are they for

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    Game Live, this is the app of Samsung to do streaming of your games
    July 14, 2017

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