‘Game of Thrones’ 6×02: Government changes

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    Update : This entry contains spoilers for ‘Home’, the second episode of the sixth season of ‘Game of thrones’.

    What’s my responsibility to comment on an epic episode worthy of a place in the particular Olimpo ‘Game of thrones’ next to the Red Wedding or all of those we have in mind to remember the most important moments for the plot. If Women Red focused on doing damage count up to Melisandre (and incidentally, kill a prince or two), A house has been an orgy of blood (add five casualties) and violence. And lesson practice policy

    Or how Poniente career is done. Using faith, adding friends to your cause, or Dragonblight strengthening links or, if the opportunity arises , taking power by force. In the case of Ramsay, not limited to “only” to kill. A house has not skimped on emotions -of most variadas- or dramatic twists; so dramatic that completely change the whole scenario. And, in the short term will cause a change in the status quo Poniente.

    Revenge is a dish cold


    “Who are we? we have no name, no family. we are all poor and incapable.
    But together we can overthrow an empire”.

    Sparrow Supreme

    the narrative pace has accelerated in this episode because confrontation has encrudecido and a great war is coming (not only sees the Crow of Three Eyes) . Players take positions and houses are strengthened to prepare for that war. Or for your particular wars. What remains of the Lannister is sufficient to meet all Poniente, because it moves the most powerful of feelings, rather than ambition for the throne: revenge And now Tommen also aims asking. her mother teach you a roar like a lion.

    But some of his enemies are very powerful, as he remembers the Sparrow Supreme Jaime in that tense conversation / declaration of war with Myrcella physically present; it also a reminder of sown hatred in Dorne years ago and has led an uprising against the power (and blood). Will it be enough to protect Cersei Mountain? Or a king as Tommen, much has to change? They already believe that the strength of the bond of blood is sufficient to preserve the throne and consider everything as rightfully theirs. believed to be appeased with titles and land to potential enemies.

    But do not know that war has broken out within the walls of Winterfell own Y is a very particular:. the Ramsay against any obstacle that stands between him and power. If that happens to kill, even if his victory tastes like blood baby (heir) or his father who is stabbing, no ethical conflict or doubt. Because without soul it is impossible to make sense of ethics. With this change of government, we wish luck to all that house North who dares deny support, or submissively to new Lord Bolton.

    Can and choose the scene kennel as the toughest of the series? More important than all those flooded with blood? More important than when we heard the sweet and innocent Shireen screaming in flames? Equally heartbreaking, perhaps. As long as we witness the pain of a mother, remember the expression Selyse Cateryn or seeing their children die or a cruel death.

    Nor are aware Lannister of what is developing in Dorne or the Iron Islands. The ironborn need a new ruler, now that Balon Greyjoy has been replaced, in another episode family rifts that have ended in death. Theon’s sister chooses to be the heir, with him gone. A council will make the decision, but there still do not know that there is another candidate for the post. If there’s anything left of Theon Greyjoy, we remember, the only surviving son of Rey- that can be redeemed self-proclaimed to govern a kingdom.

    The Importance of Being Jon Snow


    ” From darkness, light.
    From death, life.
    From the ashes, fire “.


    Ramsay proposed march to the Black Castle to kill the Lord Commander as a coup for sublevar north and incidentally catch Sansa Stark key to govern piece. They guessed right: it goes up there on the advice of Theon and try recompose the House Stark on your own, as he advised his mentor Meñique. But Theon does not seek to Jon, because he feels that there is no redemption possible for your soul or no place for him and between Stark. Their only destiny is to return to home.

    And Jon Snow the cause of confrontation between the brothers traitors Guard Night and wild, that with his arrival on the scene and a simple demonstration of its strength -we have a giant, have nothing to do have left room for maneuver Sir Davos and Melisandre to try what it seemed impossible : save Jon. And as a result, the magic of the Lord of Light finally would do any good.

    At this point the series has made us too cynical. But if there was something we did not want to believe that Jon Snow is dead. Altogether. To that end they have opened many doors, in addition to provoke another mini-stroke in our already battered heart of spectators. If Melisandre regains his faith, his power will grow?

    The return of Jon Snow seems to confirm that vision that God showed her in flames. ** Remains to be seen if it has really been a good idea. As they say in another series, “every magic has a price” . So it is still easy wary, despite the enormous joy of seeing those eyes open. But when the red woman herself is skeptical about the idea of ​​resurrection.

    Moments emotion


    “it’s what I do: I drink wine and know things.”

    Tyrion Lannister

    Leaving the resurrection side of Jon Snow, the chapter has given us other audiovisual moments of ecstasy. Am I the only one that has softened watching Tyrion fulfilling the dream of his childhood? We’ve had it rough, but fair. If so exposes dragons he is because he knows he can do it. Tyrion strength lies in its ability to survive despite facing many dangers: battles, death sentences, stone men, pirates … or dragons.

    Now that has become slavery and draft Daenerys is in danger, have to make tough decisions. Mother of Dragons did not want more children’s bones at his feet. Nor Tyrion, but he, an expert in politics, knows to join forces to your cause. If not an army or a powerful alliance, other dragons. And trust your intelligence to know who have been eating and who obey. To the hand that feeds you or breaks your string

    Far from the land, away from everything and this world we see Bran and live with him the thrill of his reunion with the series. And his encounter with his ancestors, hand Cuervo (Max Von Sydow and at its best). How have not missed the good men like Ned Stark in the game. Now, thanks to the visions of Bran we can stay at least a few seconds in the happy place and deepen the story of Ned and Lyanna and other enigmas as Hodor. It once was Wylis and talked and fought.

    And maybe, if these visions are stretched and eventually reveal the whole story, solve our doubts about the origin of Jon Snow and confirmed that R + L = J; one of those theories that change the world we know of ‘Game of Thrones’. If so, it will shake and become a different scenario, with new contenders for the throne.

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    ‘Game of Thrones’ 6×02: Government changes
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