Gboard 7.6 beta adds a keypad so you can try

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    Gboard 7.6 beta adds a keypad so you can test

    some weeks Ago I we set out to Gboard I was preparing a keyboard floating (among other novelties) and what we have now with us. The keypad is available in version 7.6 Beta keyboard Gboard, although for now it seems to be in evidence, because Google disables remotely.

    This keypad has the advantage that it does not limit the space on the screen and you can resize and move site to see what is underneath. It is also useful to write with one hand, despite the fact that Gboard is still an exclusive mode to do this.

    Active the keypad

    Gboard beta includes the keypad, but now this mode is deactivated as soon as the application is updated and connects to the Internet. If this is your case, a simple solution that will allow you to test it is to refresh the app and disconnect from the Internet.

    If you are not in a hurry, the more likely it is that Google select the keypad for all users of the beta in the next few hours, days, or weeks, and for all users when the stable version comes to version 7.6, in the next few weeks. If you want to check if you have it active, then follow the steps to see if you see the button.

    The process is simple, first tap on the button G Google, then click the ellipsis to deploy all of the options and, finally, in Floating, which should show up next to other options such as One-hand or Settings (depending on how you have rearranged your buttons).


    this is Done, the keyboard unpins from the bottom of the screen and begins to float. If at any point you change your mind and want to return to the normal keyboard, just repeat the previous steps and touch the button again Floating, which on this occasion appears in strikethrough.

    The keypad of Google


    and The keypad of Gboard has everything you’d expect from a keypad. Playing in the pestañita of the bottom, what you can move freely on the screen to place it where does not get in the way.

    similarly, playing at any of the corners you can resize the keyboard, making it more or less great. This gives you a great flexibility to position the keyboard exactly where you want, without having to restrict the space allotted to it as in the old mode of a single hand, which is still available.


    of course, Gboard is not the first keyboard to include the function of keypad, but it is an option that will certainly be very welcome on several occasions, such as in web pages or applications where the keyboard cover a large part of the application.

    Gboard – keyboard-Google

    Gboard – keyboard for GoogleVaries depending on the device.

    Via | Android Police
    Xataka Android | Gboard is made more intelligent: so are the new suggestions of content that Google is testing

    The news Gboard 7.6 beta adds a keypad so you can try was originally published in Xataka Android by Ivan Ramirez .

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    Gboard 7.6 beta adds a keypad so you can try
    September 18, 2018

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