Geminoid DK, the android that takes science fiction to reality

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  • For decades, books and movies have reflected the ambition of man to create his likeness robots that are able to perform their duties, but this might not be far from becoming a reality and the proof is the android Geminoid DK.

    Made in the likeness of the Danish scientist Henrik Shärfe, this android, with skin made of a silicone component and real hair, is able to mimic the gestures of his “double”, to say a few phrases and respond to stimuli like the smile of another person.

    Its amazing like Shärfe, professor at the University of Aalborg, Denmark, has been used for some experiments approaching the incredible, said the scientist during a presentation of the robot in Costa Rica.

    Once, Shärfe told, let the droid sitting in front of a class in college and it was not until the recess that the students realized that no was the teacher, but the robot.

    The Geminoid DK is the third Android range “hyper”, an invention of Japanese scientist Hiroshi Ishiguro which aims to bring the most of the robotic humans.

    “I have asked why create a robot that looks like a person, and the answer is simple: the human body is the most fabulous out there and, despite today’s technology, it is incredibly difficult to create something as flexible and a great challenge to build something so similar, “said Shärfe.

    Danish scientist said that in some years the robots and humans will live together and it is possible that they take charge androids some tasks such as caring for children, cooking or even fly a plane.

    “In some years we robots walking the streets and many will resemble humans. Science fiction and reality is becoming “he said.

    But there must be strange look reflected in a robot. “It’s pretty strange. Sometimes I go to the lab and for a split second I think what I’m doing there!. Immediately but remember it’s the robot, so most of the time is great,” said the Danish scientist.

    Despite the impressive and interesting it may seem that world where humans and robots live together every day, Shärfe recognized that, as happens with any technological invention, its suitability depends on the use to be given, taking into account ethical and moral principles.

    “There is a great risk that the androids are used for improper purposes, but my hope is that in future work with androids who are our friends,” said the Dane.

    By having the experience I have had to show the Geminoid DK, Shärfe admitted he has received a “Frankenstein complex” and that many people fear that machines will take over the world in the future nearby, as recreated Hollywood in many films.

    Shärfe and Geminoid DK are in Costa Rica to participate this weekend in the National Robotics Olympiad, in which more than one hundred children and youth will present their inventions and compete for seats to the World Championships to be held in November in Indonesia.

    Dane said the goal of their participation in this event is to encourage children to give flight to your imagination, be motivated to technological development and try their own inventions though initially created to try to “crazy ideas”.

    Build the Geminoid DK investment required a “low”, close to 160,000 dollars, and Shärfe believes “unclear” that is to mass produce because latecnología evolves every day.

    What I think the Dane, is that one of the great challenges of Robotics is “taking existing technologies and combine different” and although it is a serious issue, try to have fun in the process.

    Geminoid DK, the android that takes science fiction to reality
    August 18, 2013

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