George Miller confirms the sequel of ‘Mad Max: Fury road’

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    George Miller confirms the sequel of 'Mad Max: Fury road'

    We began talking about a sequel to ‘Mad Max: Fury road’ since soon after the premiere of the wonderful wild directed by George Miller, but it seemed that everything was going to be for naught. Now the director has confirmed that he is working on it in an interview to Indiewire:

    has happened to Me too you post that a movie is going to be and it comes down. Happened to Me three times with ‘Fury road’ and at the end we made the fucking movie. We come to a meeting as we speak and we are already inside the pre-production of this. I am cautiously optimistic. It’s going well.

    what Three sequels?

    As is logical, the previous experiences of Miller do not want to throw the bells to the flight for anything, but it seems clear that this time it’s going to be good. Yes, before you will have to sort all the ideas that you have in the head, as you already have in mind several stories and it seems that still has not been given with an approach completely clear by what he says himself:

    There are two stories, both about Mad Max, and also a on Furious. We are still fixing it and we have to deal with the topic of Warner, but it seems pretty clear that’s going to happen.

    With what Warner refers to to a legal dispute with the studio for ‘Fury road’.

    That could complicate things, but if Miller is confident that he will not be a problem, hopefully that is true.

    The other detail is striking is that Miller speaks of three different stories when asked about the possibility of having launched two sequels, could you be referring to three films or no way of uniting them all in only one? In his time habló other two films if the planets align. With that you arrive at least another safe for all of us to settle.

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    George Miller confirms the sequel of ‘Mad Max: Fury road’
    July 25, 2019

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