Germany wants all citizens flying at least 50Mbps

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    Germany wants all citizens flying at least 50Mbps

    Germany seeks to eliminate connection failures and wants all German citizens flying to a minimum of 50Mbps for 2018.

    This is an internal matter, but we all know he likes to Germany bringing many of its EU affairs and convert them, de facto, EU-wide initiatives. And the last insurance bill that will, this time, the delights of more than one and to feel some healthy sent by the citizens of Germanic country, since Germany has pledged to deploy 50 Mbps broadband for all citizens by 2018, marrow, almost ten times faster than the global average.

    Perhaps in many Spanish cities that reach 300Mbps (symmetrical) of this sounds like a tall tale 50Mb, but the truth is that speed deployment, for all citizens, city or rural, can increase network efficiency, and in line by allowing citizens access to the network more quickly ensuring a minimum, has a direct impact on economic development.

    At the head of Europe in connecting citizens The most interesting thing is that if the proposal is successful, the country would have a connection twice as fast as the overall national standard that e ncabeza South Korea (23.6Mbps ) and much faster than standard 11.9 Mbps. To get an idea, today the average connection speed in Germany is just under 11 Mbps. The most interesting of all, it will the government itself to allocate the extra funds needed for infrastructure, but is currently looking partners local providers to join the project.

    Would not surprise therefore that, made domestic investment, promote increased global bandwidth for the entire EU, something that is becoming more necessary.


    Germany wants all citizens flying at least 50Mbps
    September 8, 2015

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